Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Quite a normal couple...


Normally I don't post photos of friends and family members to guarantee and protect their privacy...
...unless requested to give up my policy for once by the depicted persons.

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OK, let's go...

These, then, are A. & A. from Bäd M., Germany.

They live - as you are able to see - quite a normal life as newlyweds in my hometown...

...fighting their daily battle against paparazzi like me when sitting in their favourite espresso bar
in front of Bäd M.'s castle.
But once I was able to inspire confidence (handy hint: you can feed them with cookies) they are really hand-tame and even accept elderly people like me.

So I was able to observe them in their natural environment for a while.

This is a Bentley Mark VI, 1954 model.
This is their car.
(It's a lie, but it sounds great, doesn't it?!? :-)

Everybody should own such a car.

Not only A. & A.
Or the Queen.

 It has a reliable motor (135 HP), but still enough space inside the engine compartment to dry your washed clothes during an excursion in the vicinity...

...a huge internal space to celebrate a party or just do stow your shopping.

A steering wheel...

...and an anti-aircraft searchlight belongs to the basic equipment.

But best of all: the (additional) outside makeup mirror!!!

Girls, isn't this a MUST-HAVE each car should have???

Everybody (boyz included) should own such a car, shouldn't we?


  1. How charming your hometown is! The beautiful Rolls-Royce suits the environment with lovely architectures and pavement as well as the happy cople. If I were enough wealthy to purchase a vintage car, I’d go for VW classic Beetle. But classic car is not equipped with air-conditioning..., that’s a problem because Japanese summer is terrible. The photographer reflected in the mirror-like thing must be you, Uwe.


  2. Hi Yoko!
    I think as well that one of the old VW Beetles would suit perfectly to you, especially one of the Beetle cabrios. But having experienced your Japanese summer temperatures in combination with the high air moisture four weeks ago at Tokyo I can fully understand your wish to drive a modern car with an efficient air condition!


  3. wonderful pics, looks like a lot of fun!