Freitag, 12. August 2016

It's time to say good bye, my friends!

This is both my 575th and final blog post here at!

After almost 10 years of blogging I lost my interest and motivation in posting and sharing my personal impressions of the world with others on this communication channel.

Every now and then it's time for a change in your life.

And today it's time to say good bye to you and to this platform.

So it's the last time to share some of my this year's summer impressions with you - I hope you like them. 

All the best for you and your loved ones in future!

And: Enjoy your life as well as in any way possible,
it's definitely the only one you have!

Montag, 9. Mai 2016

Bad Mergentheim seen from a Ferris wheel

Over the weekend my hometown celebrated "Heimattage Bad Mergentheim 2016",
literally translated into "home (country) days" or "native days".

So we had a Ferris wheel 35 metres high for two days in the town center and I took the opportunity to explore my hometown from an angle of view I've never had before.

Bad Mergentheim's Deutschordensschloss, the castle of the Teutonic knights, in the background behind the tiled roofs of the core town.

The old town hall right in front of the market place, the twin houses and the steeple of the minster St. Johannes.

And the view to the south where I live somewhere on the horizon... ;-)

Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Late but...

...right before May finally winter arrived in Germany!

Yesterday evening and this morning in Mindelheim, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany.


Samstag, 23. April 2016

Bad Mergentheim night illumination

I wish you all a colourful and de-light-ful weekend!

Montag, 21. März 2016

Floral variations of spring

It's somehow springtime in Germany, 
but most of the time we still have winter temperatures and far too little sunshine.

So many harbingers of spring, except for snowdrops and crocuses, take their time to flourish this spring season.

But step by step you can find more and different spring flowers.

A very early flowering species is Helleborus niger - the Christmas or Easter rose - with a great variety of blossom colours.

Floral Easter decorations - with feathers of the guinea fowl.

Recent Saturday we found even more harbingers of spring - any idea in which famous German (tourist) town I took the photos???

There, along the Philosophers' Way, we found some of our springtime favourites as well...

... the very first magnolia blossoms 2016 and...

...almond blossoms.

Some of them started flourishing already before Christmas 2015 because of the very mild temperatures in December.

Happy & peaceful Easter to all of you! 


Montag, 29. Februar 2016

At eye level with crocuses

Long time no see, long time no hear, dear blog friends!

Today I want to report back to you with some harbingers of spring which have been really flourishing for more than one month already here in the south of Germany.

[Crocus on ice]
These crocusses I took last Saturday in the Botanical Garden of the Wuerzburg University where you can find more than just one species of crocuses and other early flowering plants.

Next to these purple beauties I found a spot with some goldish yellow crocuses as well.
But honestly I must say the purple species are my favourites.

Good bye February - welcome March!