Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Licence to clamp...

...and to grip.

SCHUNK brand ambassador and German goalkeeper legend Jens Lehmann
on the SCHUNK exhibition stand of the AMB 2012 exhibition at Stuttgart, 19 September 2012.

Locker room??? --> SCHUNK lounge on the exhibition stand!!! 

Superior clamping and gripping:
SCHUNK is technology and competence leader in clamping technology and gripping systems

Miniature zero point system VERO-S mini for light cutting applications in machining centers or assembly applications...

...changing pallets in seconds (my hands! ;-) camera on the tripod) ...

...with a repeatability of less than 5 µm (micrometer)

Detaching the air pressure guaranties a self-locking clamping of the pallet...

...additional turbo pressure supporting the spring forces ensures a superior pull-down force.

SCHUNK toolholder system TENDO E compact:
the benchmark for toolholders based on hydraulic expansion technology

ROTA-S plus 2.0 - the brand new manual lathe chuck based on improved wedgebar technology.

New clamping diaphragm / membrane
actuated by a standard zero point clamping module VERO-S NSE+ 138

7-axis jointed-arm robot equipped with the new SCHUNK robot coupling VERO-S NSR 160 and a 2-finger parallel gripper for workpiece grasping

For further information: www.schunk.de


  1. Good piece of engineering, cool male model with the tools and nice indoor photography ! I have only been to Hannover once for a 2 weeks exhibition, it is huge and exciting !

  2. Actually these technological things are above my head and I simply amazed how this world is guided by such creative and inventive minds. I’m almost ignorant of German football. I remember Oliver Kahn well and now Jens Lehmann was input.


  3. Hi Yoko,
    thanks a lot for your courage to write a comment under this post. I can feel (and see) the speechlessness of most of my blog visitors - even of my colleagues from all over the world who read my blog posts regularly. Most of my buddies / groupies are not able to make use of all this "technical stuff" I displayed. And as you confirmed: Jens Jehmann seems to be not very well know in your part of planet Earth! ;-)
    But I promise to post some more convenient topics next time...
    Have a great Sunday,

  4. Boys and their toys..! :-D

  5. Cool pics, Uwe!
    Great coverage.

  6. Thanks for your comment, Márcia !

    My company has a subsidiary at Brasil (--> Sao Paulo area) as well selling these type of clamping technologies and gripping systems to Brazil customers as well! ;-)

    Any toolholders (as candle holders), lathe chucks (as door stoppers or Christmas tree stands) or a service robot / light weight arm (to load / unload your dishes to the dishwasher automatically) you need??? Please tell me!



  7. I cannot imagine "The world of the 5 µm (micrometer)"! This machine is making a legend like the German goalkeeper.
    Maybe someday "Fantastic Voyage " will come true because of awesome development of technology.