Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Musashi --> 634

Standing underneath Tokyo SkyTree,
standing underneath the new 634.0 meters needle into the Tokyo sky.

The height of 634 m was selected to be easily remembered. The figures 6 (mu), 3 (sa), 4 (shi) stand for "Musashi", an old name of the region where the Tokyo Skytree stands.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to climb the observation platform of Tokyo Skytree (minimum four hours of waiting time), but I had the luck to get sight on Tokyo's new landmark from different angle of views.

New and old Tokyo skycrapers.

Sensō-ji, the ancient  Buddhist temple in Asakusa, with its five-story pagoda right of the Skytree in the background.

Tokyo Bay boat tour with a view on Tokyo Skytree to the front...

...and to the back.

High towers triptych...

...with Japanese admirer! ;-)

--> free of charge 360° view from Tokyo Skytree
*** HERE ***


  1. Fabulous shots!! The photo of the two towers are incredibly cool! Lucky you! You went to the Tree when the weather was fine! When I rode a boat, it was cloudy(in the morning it rained) but I went up the Tree, it cleared up.

  2. The super-modern tower and the ancient pagoda are standing side by side! This landscape tells us eloquently what Tokyo is, what Japan is. It is interesting that Sky Tree was built by borrowing and improving the ancient earthquake-proof techniques in the construction of the ancient pagodas. I wonder how the ancient builders knew these methods.
    Fabulous photos!

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies. You see: even five weeks after my trip to Tokyo, my memories haven't faded out. And if I cast a glance on my stock of Tokyo photos I haven't reworked yet, I'm sure I can continue posting my different Japanese impressions for another several weeks. Have a great new week in your part of planet Earth!

  4. The title reminded me of “Musashi Miyamoto” instantly , a renowned Japanese swordsman, while wondering what means 634. The third photo is my favorite and I have the same thoughts with snowwhite. The ancient shrines and temples stand between or side by side with the modern skyscrapers: it is Japan. The ancient pagodas and the skyscrapers will survive big earthquakes together. NIce to know your footprints in Tokyo. I think you visited much more places of Tokyo than I did.


  5. Thanks a lot, Yoko, for stopping by. As far as I know, "Musashi" comes from 6 (mu from mu[ttsu]), 3 (sa from san) and 4 (shi). Right!?
    You just saw only some of my footprints through Tokyo on my blog so far, dear friend, just be curious what comes next... :-)
    Have a great week,

  6. Yes, “mu-sa-shi” is pun for “634”in Japanese. Incidentally, Tokyo Tower is 333 meters high (to be exact 332.6m).

  7. are certainly right with the hight of Tokyo Tower, Yoko. I've read somewhere that Tokyo Tower is 8,6 metres taller than Eiffel Tower, the original from Paris. But the new Tokyo Skytree has a hight of 634 meters. In Wikipedia you can read: "The height of 634 m (2,080 ft) was selected to be easily remembered. The figures 6 (mu), 3 (sa), 4 (shi) stand for "Musashi", an old name of the region where the Tokyo Skytree stands."
    I think you mixed up Tokyo Tower with Tokyo Skytree, or I have a problem in interpreting your words.
    One way or another: One day we should meet at Tokyo with a measuring tape on hand and then we both measure the hight of Tokyo's television and broadcasting towers together... :-)

  8. I’m sorry to have made you confused by what I wrote. I know the first sentence of my first comment triggered this. However, I didn’t mix up Tokyo Tower with Tokyo Skytree and I really understood what you wrote. The height of Tokyo Skytree is easy to remember because of the pun (musashi for 634) as you explained. And you are right, the old name of the region where Skytree stands was 武蔵 (musashi).

    I added the height of Tokyo Tower "333 meters" which is also easy to remember, as extra information.

  9. Hi Yoko, absolutely no problem. It could have been worse for a guy like me to be confused by a Japanese lady... :-)
    But now I fully understand your intention just to give me the additional information about the height of Tokyo Tower - to be able to compare it with Tokyo Skytree height. Thanks!

  10. I love the first photo.. the sky is the limit!