Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

Saluti da Bergamo!

Ciao ragazzi!
Cordiali saluti da Bergamo, Italia!

Italian flag at halfmast: Italy - Paraguay 1:1 this evening.

Just spend a very pleasant evening in the old town of the upper city of the Lombardic town.
Bergamo has two town parts:"Città alta" (upper city), a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 17th century cyclopic defensive walls, and the "Città bassa" (lower city).

Together with a chummy colleague I had a great dinner on the Piazza Veccia (old square) in a very nice trattoria. The night temperature was still 23°C at 10 a.m. - at the time I took the photo above.

Whenever possible I try to catch and write some postcards (cartolina postale). 
And with an Italian espresso and some dolci the writing is much more fun...


  1. Ah it's amazing how the power of connectedness of both communities, online and/or real world. But the most surprising is when I have the pleasure of getting a piece of paper in my mailbox:) Just the same way, I like so much writing/remembering/even creating artmails for loved ones during my travels. I'd appreciate if you give your contribution for my ever growing p/cards collection since my teenages. Have fun in Bergamo, ciao e a presto.

  2. It must have been great to be there during the match! Lovely photos as usual (but I would expect no less from you). :)