Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

Cats of Istanbul

Cats. Everywhere at Istanbul.

Most of them seem to be stray cats, but of course they all have their preferred territory where they roam around.

They sleep in cardboxes or in house entrances or wherever they like.

They find their food in front of restaurants or in refuse containers. Or they are fed by inhabitants or tourists, because they seem to be welcome and accepted by the majority of people.



  1. Ohh my, cute famous cats of my town!
    I am not surprised that like many of newcomers you too are amazed by these very nice animals. In contrast to other mediterranean countries, Ist'l cats are kind of the fatness and healthiness I ever saw, obviously very well-cared! Because giving her food is just our (being local) natural. Therefore, Istanbulian cats are all big and well-groomed. Let me add, cats lie under parked cars, cats walk bridges rubbing themselves with fishermen’s feet, cats take sunbaths lying on luxurious hotels’ steps, cats lie in window displays of the stores,..

    But you missed taking photos of cats living in better conditions:) Yes, it will be my homework to be soon published on my blog:)

    Well, they are like holy animal of Istanbul:)

  2. These shots are fantastic, Uwe! Looks like I have yet another surprise awaiting me in Istanbul!

  3. Mille grazie for your kind comments, ragazzi!

    Tanti saluti di Italia,