Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

What you might see on a sunny day from Galata Tower...

Bosphorus and Golden Horn - and a sea (?) --> ocean (!) of  houses.

The Golden Horn (on the right) is a historic inlet of the Bosphorus dividing the city of Istanbul and forming the natural harbor that has sheltered Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and other ships for thousands of years.

To get a great overview about Istanbul megacity I warmly recommend the way up on Galata Tower, one of the city's most striking landmarks.

Outlook from the left to the right: Topkapi palace, Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Mosque with its six minarets...

...and here in all its glory in front of one of the Princes' Islands in the Sea of Marmara.

Couldn't decide whether to make a colored or a monochrome panorama out of the photo...

...that shows the financal centers Levent (in the middle) and Maslak (right side) with its skyscrapers.

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Your "rivals" never rest:
Photo shooting on the rooftops below Galata Tower

Sunny boy? --> Golden (Horn) Boy!

...after the bicycle he took his car with him on the roof. Unfortunately I didn't captured the scene ;-(

At the foot of the tower I found "Mehmet Woof-woof", the vigilant guard and shepherd of...
... his own wild dreams.


  1. Oh my, fascinating little article with gorgeous photos from the water's edge and from the top of Christea Turris, marvellous! One of my most loved places to see Istanbul sprawl, coming from 1348 it was built. Can you think it was the tallest structure of Ist'l for more than 600 years?! Btw, did you enjoy a Turkish Nite Show inside at restaurant?

    You were eating your meal and drinking a glass of red wine on Europe while watching the very beginning of Asian continent laying in front of your eyes... at the Fifth Floor? Ah could not be the best choice than 5th Floor in Cihangir! Happen now browsing the album, I see terrace offers wonderful view over the Bosphorus... and rock, oldies, jazz also available. No, I have not been to there, but all yours noted. Looks like I'll have a long summer, I'll think to go there:)

    Just searched and found your subsidiary company located on Asian side, in Maltepe, right? Its between Kadiköy and Kartal, close to district of Kartal (somewhat far away from me). You should Uwe, come and visit Asian side in details. There are more untold beauties. More green, relaxing yes, very peaceful, sleeping beautiful part of the City, more and more...

    You too Sir, have a nice day, görüşmek üzere~

  2. Yes, you are fully right, Nihal, it must be in Maltepe, far(ther) in the south east of Istanbul.

    I know most of my Turkish colleagues personally, of course, because at least all the sales technicans have been to a technical product training with me at our headquartes at Lauffen, not far away (approx. 50 km) from Stuttgart during the last three years.

    Enjoy your sunny weekend between East and West - until I can travel the next time to Istanbul, you have to show and tell me a little more about the destination of your choice.


  3. And, no, we did not enjoy the Turkish night in the tower restaurant; but we saw a dancing dervish at a big coffee house near the Blue Mosque, while kissing our glass of cay... ;-)

  4. Absolutely stunning! That's certainly a place I'd love to visit. Thank you for sharing!