Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Bad Mergentheims allabendlich "hochgeklappte Bürgersteige"...

...literally translated: The sidewalks of Bad Mergentheim are hinged up every evening.

 Which means that the streets are deserted in the evening hours - although the current summer weather is really warm and fabulous.

But Germany is not Italy. Or Spain. Or Greece. Or Turkey.

If there's no event or party in the evening, you have to be at home. You close your shutters. And watch TV.

But fortunately we have Espressobar Italia in the center of my home town. "Real" Italians run the coffee an ice cream shop - and it's open until the last guest is kicked out... ;-)

So: a little "dolce far niente" and Italian feeling of being alive in Central Europe!


  1. Hiya Uwe,
    Is it? Really warm and fabulous out there? Pretty enough reason to move from my hometown to BM:) Just because a new week of rain and chilly in Istanbul:( Mr Rain obviously decided not to leave Ist'l this summer;(

    Yes, it is deserted in the evening hours as I am experienced during my stay in the same state. Istanbul is so crazy;) that you can not compare it anywhere else.

    Perfectly taken shots, and I appreciate when you teach us some german! More please?

    ps- guess what? A Post- Istanbul Happy Monday by your blog buddy Café Lux? Let me jump in, ciao e a presto, Uwe.

  2. I can smell the coffee and taste the ice cream. Bravo for Espressobar Italia. Nothing like that here - only Big Empty Beaches. Life must have some of each for balance I think.