Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

5.KAT - 5th floor

Three weeks ago: a rainy Sunday evening in Istanbul.

Only 30 hours ago it looks like that from the roof of the same place:

A great view on the Bospherus and to the Asian side of Istanbul megacity.

***   ***   ***

But on the evening we reserved a table at 5.KAT, the atmosphere was a more like on a evening in late autumn - solemnly and gracefully.

So exactly the right atmosphere to have a great candle-light dinner...

5.KAT - the name of the restaurant means 5th floor. 
It's in Cihangir, one of the neighborhoods of the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul. The neighborhood there has many narrow streets, a park, and street cafes. It is located between Taksim Square and Kabataş.

The international dishes - and the prices - are on a high level - but in combination with the great atmosphere and staff it was really worth the money.


  1. Oh my, great Sultanahmet and Bosphorus view, ambiance & furniture all superb. And, truly stunning beaded wings add an easy touch of elegance to the inside, I love it.

    Great post and shots, thank you, Uwe!

  2. Hi Nihal,

    thanks a lot for your current comment(s) and endurance. I know (personally) how difficult and tiring it is sometimes when trying to sustain a conversation - and the other side seems to be (in) an area with no reception. ;-)

    The recent workweek was long and the weather this weekend too fabulous to sit in front of the notebok screen. So I regularly slow down my internet activities a bit during summertime and speedup again when autumn is within sight.

    This week we have temperatures above 30°C and blue sky with scattered white clouds - and the weathermaen promised us even a rise of temperature until the end of the week!
    So more or less we have Turkish weather conditions in the middle of Europe at the moment - while you have German weather...! :-)
    Görüşürüz, Uwe.

  3. Ohh no, how envy you.. Typically London-ish weather is upon us, rain at crazy levels and we being locals can not decide up if we go to plan summer holiday or not.. Frustrating to become hesitant and all I can say is "please enjoy your super weather to the full and if possible being outside could be gorgeous."

    Last weekend, I watched Germany vs England, but German team played really well. Viva Germany, Congrats!