Sonntag, 10. November 2013

November trees

November 1, 2013, All Saints' Day.

Between Le Markstein (photo), a winter sports resort in the Vosges mountains, and Le Grand Ballon, the apex of the Vosges Mountains, in the French region of Alsace.

In a hight of approx.1200 m above mean sea level, the autunm was much more advanced compared to the surrounding lowlands - the Rhine valley.

In this height, the growth and thriving of the mountain trees is quite different from what we are used to have in lowlands.

On our hike in Grand Ballon direction we cut across a small forrest with wonderful knobby trees, most of them were beeches. Depending on their location, some of them already lost all of the leaves whereas some of them still had their foliage.

"The Black Beech"...

...and its sister!

"The Dark Flame"

"The Green Arrow"

Finally: outlook to the Vosges mountains.

Enjoy your November!


  1. Hello, Uwe! Your November trees on the higher ground are awesome! They are divine and I feel majestic aura from them. The golden-orange leaves look like flocking birds on the bare tree.

    Today I’m rested alone at home after those sad and hectic days, and I thought I’d visit you. Excuse me for not having visited you sooner. It’s raining on and off with cold wind. I don’t dislike a rainy day, but cold November rain gets me down. October passed like an arrow, I wonder how November would be but I’d like to enjoy this season with fabulous autumn colors.

    With bright promises to November,


  2. Thanks a lot, Yoko, for your kind and detailed comments! Obviously you currently have the same autumnal weather in Japan we have in Central Europe as well - cold, windy and lots of rain. This morning the temperature has been not more than +1°C!!! My parents travelled to the south of Turkey, there they still have summer-like temperatures of up to +27°C... ;-) Later I'm going to have new colleagues from all over Europe for a one week technical training. I wish you peace and rest and some great autumn colours for your photographs in November!

  3. Dramatische Bilder...die dunklen Baeume gegen den Himmel sehen gespentisch schoen besten gefaellt mir aber das letzte Bild-ich mag gern in die Weite schauen.Liegt vermutlich an meinen norddeutschen Wurzeln!

  4. Beautiful after beautiful after beautiful, very well photography Uwe.

  5. Tolle und wirklich dramatische Fotos! Die Bäume kommen dabei eindrucksvoll zur Geltung! Mir persönlich gefällt das 4. am besten! Traumhaft!
    LG Mary

  6. Anonym12/11/13

    Love the black beech photo!

  7. Looks very mysterious and I love it!!

  8. Wow - those are gorgeous!!

  9. The branches are so cool! Love seeing the contrast of black bark with the very orange leaves.

  10. I absolutely LOVE shots 4 and 5... quite simply outstanding


  11. Such beautiful have wonderful lovely scenery around! Lovely...

  12. Oh! To be able to witness these every year ! To be honest, to have lived in the tropics all my life and the same weather throughout the year seems so boring ! Enjoy them my friend !

  13. Hello Uwe! I'm so happy to finally be here at your corner of the world! I've been so darn busy... but to visit you is always so totally worth it :) Such gorgeous photos! Not so many people can see the beauty in bare trees and pre-winter season but you definitely can! Thank you so much for bringing me this joy! :) Have a very happy weekend.