Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Basler Fasnachts-Brunnen / Basel's fountain of Carnival


Welcome to the trick fountains of Basel,
welome to Basel's fountain of carnival.

As you all know, Basel is Switzerland's third most populous city with just about 166,000 inhabitants.

 Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs in France and Germany.

And: it's a traditional stronghold of Alemannic Carnival.

This fountain, kown as the "Fasnachts-Brunnen", literally translated into "fountain of Carnival", is located at the Theather Square of Basel's inner city.

It was designed by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. He is best known for his sculptural machines or kinetic art, in the Dada tradition; known officially as metamechanics.

The Fasnachts-Brunnen of Basel has ten different of these mechanical sculptures / metamechanics inside a large water basin. They all spray different water fountains through the air.

Oh, sorry, that was the wrong spout / water fountain...
...but somehow it has to do with Alemannic Carnival as well! ;-)


  1. Schoene Bilder aus Basel! Warst Du im Tinguely Museum?Ich mag Basel gern…nicht ganz so konservativ wie Genf.

  2. thank you for the tour, great photos!

  3. Anonym5/11/13

    Beautiful shots. Especially loved the first!

  4. We have friends living in Switzerland but have yet to get to visit them. I hope we manage it soon though as it looks to be a lovely country


  5. @ Karen: War nur ein Tagesausflug nach Basel mit der Bahn, da blieben viele interessante Museen "unbesucht". Wir kommen aber bestimmt mal wieder, Basel ist mehr als eine Reise wert!

    @ Tanja: You are welcome Tanya. If you like accompany me on my next trips, too... ;-)

    @ tradgardssurr: Tack så mycket for your comment. The first shot is my favourite, too.

    @ Molly: Take lots of money with you to Switzerland, life is really expensive there...:-)

  6. Beautiful lightings in Basel, well done Uwe.

  7. Thanks a lot, Bob, for your kind comment. That's what we photographers do: we shape the light!

  8. Grüezi Wohl Uwe :-).
    Basel ist wunderschön! Die Stadt besteht aus einem wunderschönen mittelalterlichen Stadtzentrum, Weltklasse-Architektur, riesige Museen, Theater und Kunstgalerien. Great Photos! Super!
    LG :-)

  9. Thanks for you comment,friend.
    Congratulations on your beautiful photografhic work...Hugs.

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  11. Großartige Fotos! Dieser Fasnachtsbrunnen ist schon was besonderes! Basel hat soviel ich weiß ja eine Menge Brunnen! :)
    LG Mary

  12. @ Sandra: Vielen Dank Sandra,
    ja, ja, die Schweiz, die Heimat deiner Wahl, ist immer eine Reise wert. Zum Glück ist es von mir zu Hause nicht all zu weit, so dass uns unser Weg ab und an nach Basel, Zürich oder an einen der vielen Seen führt. Vielleicht läuft man sich ja mal über den Weg... ;-)
    Gruß & einen schönen Tag noch in der Confoederatio Helvetica!

    @ Majecarmu: Muchas gracias for your kind comment! No matter whether we take photos, paint pictures, write poems or stories or if we play music. What we do with passion will always heat up people's heart and soul.

    @ Sharon:

    Thank you for your
    to the point
    contribution. ;-)

    @ Jarzabek: Sorry, friend, I don't want to be "Mark Zuckerberged" at all and don't send any "likes" to nobody in this universe. The first step to inner peace and and self-confidence is that you learn to love yourself. Thereafter you don't need and tout for the "likes" of other persons (facebook "friends") anymore. Or, in other words: I'm already beyond the "facebook period"... ;-)

    @ Maryaustria: Laut Wikipedia sind es derzeit 170 öffentliche Brunnen, die es in Basel gibt. Besonders schön find' ich die mit den Basilisken, also rund 30 Brunnen mit dem Basler Wappentier als Zierde.

  13. Tolle Fotos! Ich bin ein-paar Mal in Basel gewesen, aber das ist eine lange Zeit her... :)

  14. Cool fountains and the ones from the "eyes" are like some sort of death ray!

  15. Nice..like the sprinkler shot! I have a good friend who lives in Basel...I should visit the city...

  16. I loved the "Fasnachts-Brunnen"!
    It reminded me of old cartoons in which the caracters, when mad, sent red flashes of anger out the eyes ha ha ha.