Freitag, 15. November 2013

The very last "fresh" plums 2013...

Right in front of my bedroom balcony...
...there's an old plum tree that is tightly in the stranglehold of a mighty ivy.

In the background of my first photo you can surmise the evergreen tree killer.

Not many branches of my bedroom neighbour bear fruits anymore in summertime. 
But this year many of them persevere until mid-November and were not eaten by birds or wasps.
Now they fall victim to mildew.

On a rainy morning I took the last fruits of 2013 before they'll fall off during the next autumn storm.

In springtime the old plum tree looked much more fresh-faced... ;-)

And nowadays the old plum even wears a beard - a fruticose lichen.

Happy November!


  1. Thank you for the compliment, Pieni!
    Enjoy your grey weekend... ;-)

  2. Amazing pictures, my friend!
    I cant wait to share the ones I made from Deutschland :)
    None as well captured as yours, dass kann ich sagen!

  3. Lovely photos though the plums are not so glorious. But the flowers are fantastic.

  4. Beautiful series of photos!

  5. Hi Uwe, what gorgeous shots!

  6. Very beautiful photos, all of them!!
    'Linneas Atelje Magasin'

  7. I love plum blossoms, they are so delicate and pretty! Lovely photos of those plums. And the lichen is so cool!!

  8. Great photography, beautiful shots. Love the lichen "beard" :)

  9. Beautiful shots. Love the delicacy of the blossom.

  10. Beautiful shots. Love the delicacy of the blossom.

  11. Inventive photography Uwe. I don't think I'll be popping around to eat your plums this year though.

  12. so beautiful and sad at the same time, thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  13. Dear, Uwe, I’m happy to know that you enjoy the sweet fragrance and the lovely flowers of plum trees in spring. In my country, plum blossoms (or Japanese apricot blossoms) are the symbol of perseverance, resilience, and refinement because they bloom when air is still cold. Looks like these old withered plum fruits also symbolize the same. It is getting colder and colder while we admiring the final glow of autumn foliage here in Nara. Wish you the best to the rest of November.


  14. Da freuen sich die Vögel in der Winterkälte wenn sie noch was zum Knabbern finden!Tolle Fotos!