Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Schanzenviertel Hamburg - neighborhood unplugged

10.6 millions of overnight guests and additionally 111 millions of daily visitors Hamburg had in 2012.
And many of them visited some of the hotspots St. Pauli, St. Georg or Schanzenviertel where they hope to find some kind of the original, immoral, nonconformist and at the same time very trendy Hamburg. 

So do I.

Whenever I visit Hamburg, Germany's cosmopolitan capital in the north of Germany,
I like to stroll through the strees of Ottensen, St. Pauli or the "Schanzenviertel".

On the one hand I find tons of photo motifs and scenes, on the other hand it's a pleasure to explore the small, unique and independent little shops, restaurants and coffee bars.

Here's one on the unique fashion shops where I bought a t-shirt:

Elternhaus - literally translated into "family home" - but be warned - it's not the shop and the clothes you might expect because of its name ... ;-)

Outside the shop the street looks like this...

...but these items already belong to the neighbor shop, where they sell a hodgepodge of...???

...curiosities and bits and pieces!
You can even buy the model of Munich's Frauenkirche / Church of Our Lady there! ;-))

Or artworks of international renown..!

But what I like most as a photographer is the street art and the graffiti...

Hamburg's borough called Schanzenviertel (literally translated into: entrenchment quarter) is not an official part of the city. It's the name of an older housing area of the districts of Altona, Mitte, Eimsbüttel, St. Pauli and Rotherbaum.

Formerly known as a "problem neighborhood", the Schanzenviertel nowadays is more and more a hip and trendy neighbourhood and a cultural as well as subcultural heart of Hamburg.

I hope you liked my stroll "in the neighborhood" of Hamburg's Schanzenviertel,
although it's not the idyllic world many of you display in your blog posts.
It's neighborhood "unplugged" like you find it in many cities of our beautiful and interesting planet.


  1. Looks like a very cool neighbourhood that I would like to visit.

  2. Hey, I loved your stroll around "the hood" in HH!
    Although I wouldnt buy myself any of the art pieces you photographed (they dont quite match my süsses Haus), I enjoyed taking a glimpse of the German creativity. Awesome!
    I loved the grafittis!!!
    Cheers to Uew's beloved "Hambuich"

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro this week:-)

  4. What interesting murals, it seems German youth probably have a lot in common with American ones.

  5. Interesting post and photos!! :D

  6. thanks for visiting Italian view, your blog is a nice place ! very particular... well done !

    yes, Sottomarina is close to Venice, by see a few km, by road a bit more... ciao

  7. Thanks for comment.. Interesting blog.. Superb pictures.. Variety and quality.. Cheers!!!.

  8. Nice one, great entertainment, cheers.

  9. Really a nice post, YWB! I love your stroll, the murals, shops there, and bottles! Everything in this post has energy! Thanks a lot!

  10. Lieber Uwe,
    Surprise, surprise! Nächste Woche fliege ich nach Deutschland! It will be a quick trip to visit dear friends and enjoy a bit of the Herbst. I’m not sure if I will get to see yellowish leaves, I heard its been quite windy there and only few leaves are left behind. Anyway, Im sure I will make wonderful photos, eat tons of Haribo and enjoy your country that I love so much.
    I haven’t mentioned this trip on the blog, I will do so when I come back.
    I just wanted to share with you my happiness with my German blog friend, ich bin total glücklich dass ich Deutschland bald sehen werde.
    Cheers my friend!

  11. Hello, again, Uwe! I scrolled down to the British style garden festival post and found you had been so creative and productive in October when I was dormant in blogging. By seeing these photos, I realized how my focus on things were limited, though I haven’t been to a town like this. This is really interesting place with fun and surprises. I like your way of capturing them.