Sonntag, 10. März 2013

springtime is purple

Our German winter isn't finally through, but it definitely made a break last week with a lot of sunshine and temperatures up to 18°C... ;-)

But our nature seems to be fed up with wintertide, especially the crocuses can't abstain from coming to light.

In the spa gardens of our hometown we've a sea of purple gems currently...

...composed of tens of thousands of shining floral stars.

For next week the weathermen promised us to get cold temperatures and snow showers again, but more or less the winter is on its last lap.

So let's enjoy our sea of crocuses... long as their blossoms cheer our eyes with their marvelous colours.

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  1. Hallo Uwe!!!
    Im so amazed by deine Bildern! Ich freue mich noch einmal, die Blumen hier zu sehen!
    Bitter forgive my kaputt Deutsch. Leider habe ich so viel vergessen...
    Back to the flowers: amazing shots my friend! Beautiful works of art and work of Uwe!

  2. Hello, Uwe! We seem to be through the similar cycle of weather. Last week, the highest temperature was 22 C in my place, but today it is 10 C right now around the noon. Your photos are breathtaking and some are very dreamy. I do love this soft purple floral galaxy. Let’s enjoy the race between winter and spring till spring wins at last.


  3. Thanks a lot, Márcia and Yoko, for your kind comments and your compliments.

    The crocuses in our spa gardens already started their first attempt of a coming out right recent weekend, when the last snow melted away. The sunshine and the continuously rising temperatures worked like a catalyst, within one week they were full-blown.
    Today I'm already 350 kilometers away from home, in the very far south-west of Germany, in the tri-border region Germany-Switzerland-France. It's raining cats and dogs at temperatures of about 5°C, whereas the rest of the country is again under the stranglehold of new snowfall. Enjoy your new weeks, ladies!

  4. Oh wow... So lovely photos. I miss flowers.... We still have winter here and sooooo much snow. :-P

  5. ...only another four to five months and the crocuses start blooming in Finland, too, dear Pieni!



  6. Good mornine Uwe, I woke up to your beautiful sea of crocus. You really made me a happy day. Your photos look like paintings. Thank you for partying with us, we hope to see you again next week :)
    Have a great week!

  7. You woke up recently??? Ok, the girlz from Califoria are always a little late compared to girlz from Europe or from Asia... ;-))
    Here in the south west of Germany we are eight hours in front of your west coast time - outside it's already dark... it's time to party!!!
    But this evening I'm on a soiree with customers, so it'll be a long and exhausing meeting. And next week...
    ...let's wait and see what'll happen.
    Have a great day, BT,

  8. You-wee because,
    Purple clouds are fragrant gracefully!! They look like Buddha's paradise where beautiful flowers are in full bloom always.
    Since I was very young, purple has been my favorite color!

  9. Oh my! I'm seriously in love with that first picture!!! Fantastic!

  10. Kiitos, Mona, for your kind comment! You just have to lie down in the wet grass to get such a point of view... ;-)