Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Winter hasn't finished yet...

Most of us in Central and Northern Europe - except for the passionate skiers and vendors of road salt - are watching for the first harbingers of spring outside in nature in these days.


...what we've got during night was this again!

It was even snowing in the morning hours,
so I took some photos from my balkony before I set to work.

But to add some colour to the "standard morning grey"...

...I took our vase with the daffodils and balanced it on the handrail of our balcony.

A colourful day to everybody!


  1. Beautiful, very beautiful, and dreamy! But the second one looks a little spooky. Blue, white, grey.... the color composition is my favorite and finish is fantastic with mellow-yellow. We call fluffy large flakes of snow as “botan-yuki” which means “peony-snow.”


  2. It's just a matter of exposure time, Yoko, that makes the difference in the display of the snow falkes.
    If you use a flashlight to capture the snowfall, even the smallest snaowflake becomes a “botan-yuki”...

    Thanks a lot for your comment, dear friend!


  3. nur das freundliche gelb der Narzissen haelt mich noch aufrecht.

    Greetings from the UK

  4. Setzen sich die Farben des Winters im Vereinten Königreich derzeit auch überwiegend aus den "shades of grey" zusammen? Da tun ein paar farbenfrohe Blümchen zwischen blaugrau und dunkelgrau der Seele und dem Auge ganz gut, stimmt's!?

    Auf welchen verschlungenen Wegen hast du denn den Weg zu meinem Blog gefunden, Friko? Common blog friends or just by accident? Oder vielleicht sogar über

    So oder so: Thanks a lot for your kind comment!


  5. Hallo dear Uwe,
    I can tell by what I hear in B5 Aktuell that you've been having plenty of grey sky mornings in Germany! Your pictures have just confirmed the forcasts!
    I love to see how Nature is developing in your corner of the country! The landscape you photographed matches so well with ein stück Kuchen + ein Latte Machiatto!!!
    Cheers my friend!
    p.s.: the last picture is a work of art!

  6. Hallo Márcia,
    du hörst regelmäßig B5 aktuell??? Da bin ich aber überrascht! Du willst dein erlerntes Deutsch und deinen Kontakt "zur alten Heimat" lebendig halten - das finde ich prima! Wenn du willst, dann kannst du ja deine Kommentare zukünftig in Deutsch schreiben - das hilft dir auch schon wieder ein bisschen, damit du in Übung bleibst.
    So. Gleich geht's wieder los durch das dunkelgraue Deutschland auf dem Weg hin zur Arbeit. Iiiiiirgendwann setzt sich auch bei uns wieder die Sonne durch. Aber, ja, B5 aktuell hat recht: Es war der dunkelste und sonnenärmste Winter seit langem. Aber das muss ja so nicht bleiben...
    ...und etwas Sonne im Herzen hilft da ganz gut, den langen Winter unbeschadet zu überstehen!
    Gruß, Uwe.

  7. Wow, that´s a lot of snow! I´m definately ready for spring now...

  8. We are ALL ready for spring now, dear Swedish blog friend, but Frau Holle / Mother Holda still let it swow here in Germany.

    But next week ... ???!!!???!!!

    Who knows???

    Have a great rest of the week, Uwe.

  9. What fantastic picturescenes they are!
    Big round white snow are dancing in the gray scene. It's like a world of fairy tale.
    I didn't know about kindergarten. Nursery school and kindergarten are not same,I think. Thank you.
    Have a nice week!

  10. Silent world
    The snow comes up just like flowers
    Bright daffodils on the balcony

    Really a fantastic post!! Thank you!

  11. Gorgeous photos of snow - I'm one of those skiers who loves winter, but I also love daffodils. In Mud Season a vase of bright yellow lifts my spirits. Thanks for sharing yours. It's so nice to connect with you!

  12. Hello Uwe,
    Beautifully cold and serene picture! It doesn't seem spring comes in a beeline, keeping us waiting.

    Last picture surely adds pleasant color and warmth and makes me smile.
    I noticed the same daffodils blooming in the unexpected corner of my garden. They might have been there or I might have replanted the bulbs there and forgotten.. I can't remember.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Have a nice weekend, Uwe.

  13. Thanks a lot Sarah (I & II), Sapphire and Cosmos, for your kind comments.
    Today is the first sunny day for a long time here in the northern parts of southern Germany. This was (and still is?) really an unusual winter. 60% less sunshine than in an average German winter - but no really freezing temperatures far below zero point. Just "shades of grey"... ;-)
    NOW springtime could start!

    Enjoy your weekends,

  14. It really beats the heat here in KL ! I was photographing at a Equestrian competition yesterday, it was like in an oven !!!! The second picture is a cool scene ! It looks cold but at least you have something to look forward to .. Spring ! soon ....