Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Husch, husch...

...Grüne Huschspinne in der Blüte eines Gelben Frauenschuhs!

Today I found a green huntsman spider in a blossom of a lady's slipper orchid.

Cypripedium calceolus plants you may not find too often. They are strictly protected in Germany.

I was really surprised to find a little (male) green huntsman spider inside the "yellow slipper".

"Olympus macro lens ---> Sony display ---> lady's slipper orchid" view


  1. Thank you for Olympus macro lens,Sony display and you. Your photos are very beautiful. I've never seen Lady's slipper orchid. The spider is cool. He can get insects easily.

  2. I really liked your photos. At first, I thought the orchid contained a little green alien :)

  3. This ia an amazing orchid, never seen before and there is agreen bonus !