Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Robots on the AUTOMATICA 2012

Here's my short and absolutely subjective as well as uncomplete overview of the AUTOMATICA 2012 exhibition at Munich.

What's new???

The M-2000iA series from FANUC ROBOTICS is the world's largest and strongest six-axis, modular construction, electric servo-driven family of robots, designed for a variaty of manufacturing and system processes.

This robot demonstrates a handling operation of motor blocks. It's equipped with quick change and gripping systems from SCHUNK.

 Here you see the heavy-load quick change system that allows the robot to change the actuator / its robot hand for different handling operations.

Two 2-finger grippers (looks like the PGN+ series from SCHUNK)  grasp the motor blocks and the robot takes them to the next process.

Here's the robot after changing its robot hand / gripping systems from the 2-finger grippers to a special gripping system grasping some bigger devices.

At the same time on the SCHUNK exhibition booth...

SCHUNK: superior clamping and gripping.

Now together with our new brand ambassador and former world-class goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.

View into the SCHUNK lounge designed like a soccer locker room.

Our exhibition booth moderator and anchorwoman Jessica Kastrop together with Jens Lehmann.

SCHUNK panel discussion with soccer experts and guests out of the automation branch.

This is what we call a well-attended exhibition stand... ;-)

What else did I see?

SCHUNK light weight arm with integrated anthropomorphic SDH hand as a part of a development project to test washing machines automatically from the Italian company Loccioni.

DLR project: The human at the centre – safe, intuitive collaboration with robotic systems.

Humanoid walking machine.

Last but not least: Justin, the 43-axis robot / mobile humanoid torso from DLR - great!


  1. Make your choice, Tinajo. What type of service robot could you imagine to use in your household??? ;-)

    Regards, Uwe.

  2. The development of robots’’ technology is amazing! I visited Toyota Automobile factory in Nagoya last summer. There what I saw is the assembly lines lined with the robots. Each robot moved differently and did each job. They were so lovely. For me they seemed to have personality, maybe robotnality.
    Have a great week!

  3. A very interesting report. It's as if I visited an expo from the future.

  4. This is the present, dear Olga, this is today's world in the field of automation and robotics. But of course the cutting edge of this robot technology.
    Let's wait and see what the future will bring... ;-)


  5. I know how fantastic it could be as i attended one such exhibition in Hannover Germany some 25 yeras ago !

  6. This is an interesting post. I remember it’s not long ago I saw a puppy-shaped Aibo, and then a walking robot, Asimo, that greeted visitors at a showroom. I wonder what Justin is demonstrating.