Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Yùyuán revived memories

Yu Garden ( 豫園 / Yùyuán ), located at No. 132. Anren Street in the center of the Old City next to the Chenghuangmiao area in Shanghai, China, is considered one of the most lavish and finest Chinese gardens in the region of Shanghai.

I was favoured by fortune to visit this gem of Chinese garden architecture during my trip to China in September this year.

The Kois - ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp - were really beautifully coloured and trustingly - and they were really eager to be fed.

Fortunately it was a Monday I was able to visit Yu garden. On a Saturday or a Sunday I wouldn't have been able to take some photos of the beautiful ancient houses without any tourists in front of them.

But it still took approx. 10 minutes to capture this scene without any guys in front of it.

So it's much easier to target at the roofs with your lens...

...or you try to take an image of an hidden Chinese beauty... ;-.))


  1. Stunning photos! (But I can't expect anything less from you)!

  2. Oh fascinating garden! Would be wonderful setting for weddings, or to inspire a productive meetings/trainings:)
    Photography is the one and only way to preserve our memories, so my appreciation to you:)

  3. The Chinese (as far as I made my own experiences) have special wedding locations (wedding chapels or even wedding parks) near bigger towns. I accidentally attended a photo shooting of some bridal couples and their wedding photographers near the big city of Dalian in the north east of China. But even on the streets of Shanghai you regularly stumble over fashion or wedding shootings.
    Normally Yu garden is overcrowded/flooded with tourists taking photos every five seconds - I'm not sure if they allow to perform official wedding parties inside this enclosed garden area. But of course it would be a wonderful setting for these kind of events...

  4.'s easy to see the "why" of your comments on my blog!!! Your pictures are beautiful, my lifelong wish is to be able to travel and see this magnificent part of the world one day...Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!!