Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Today's Sunday: mud, fire, glass & and a paltry snowman

Within a few days most of the snow melted away in our part of planet Earth and the wet muddy weather & ground (we are used to have in this time of the year) turned up.
Because of this reason I chose my mud-brown winter boots to harmonize with the rest of the landscape... ;-)

To light our heart and soul we went to "Gamburg Burgweihnacht", you may translate into "Christmas market on top of the Gamburg castle".
We went to Gamburg castle already this year at the beginning of October...

It was al tiny little, but likable Christmas market in the castle courtyard with regional products and Christmas items.

Our personal highlight of all Christmas stalls was the stand of the glass bead artist Iris.
We met this lady several times on different regional fairs within the recent years and really like her type of glass bead art.

And as a photographer it was my personal challange to take some presentable pictures about her work.

The propane gas flame has a temperature of approximately 1800°C.

So it was a good idea not to get too close to the source of heat with my lens.

The used technique is called "manually wound glass beads": The glass is heated until molten, wound around a specially-coated steel mandrel (colour) layer by (colour) layer - and one can add other elements like noble metals, too.

To cool down after the hot experience I took a photo of a paltry snowman with a yellow squeaky duck on its head.
Downright ridiculous, isn't it? Even for a snowman...


  1. A yes, I'm experienced in it! I' ve attended a glass-making course to learn glass-blowing techs a few years ago, also the very basics how to make amazing pieces like glass beads. It was really fun. Should I call myself a "glass blowist":)

    In this post, what did you want to tell us Uwe? You probably went a glass school, or visited a friend?

  2. Hallo Uwe,
    That is the best explanation and amazing glass art pieces, esp the Angel figurine "so cute"!. So cool I understand how nice Sunday you have had. My first meeting with glass was happened at Glass Furnace

    Would Iris like to come for a seminar/training at our Glass School? Because the school welcome many artists from abroad for workshops. Would be great.

    ps- Iris is a name widely used for turkish female:)