Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

You'll never walk alone...

...on a Saturday afternoon in Istanbul.

Especially not through the underpass (altgeçit) in front of Galata bridge.

OK, let's go downstairs...
...and become acquainted with (felt) 10% of the total population of Istanbul (~ 13 Mio.)

WHO wants to buy some shoes in this crush of people???

Local inhabitants obviously do. 

I don't.

Who's that damn good-looking "high tower" in the front of the crowd of people???


By the way: İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi means: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

And not:
Now you enter a pedestrian underpass with millions of other people, some of them will stop without any prior warning and want to buy some shoes.


We did it!

Fresh air and an outlook on the Galata tower and bridge at last.


  1. Each chapter is another story, I like reading your book "Strolling through Istanbul";)
    In fact, the Turks are very friendly and not to pushy even when selling expensive (silk) carpets. But accept the fact Uwe, it may be inevitable looking for a not-trendy-not-expensive shopping alternatives (like shoes, clothes..) for low income locals while you are in the very heart of touristic sites like Eminönü, Karaköy. Plus, it can be noisy, crazy crowded too when a train passes or in a bus besides shopping. This is the fourth biggest metropol of the world. Just imagine; Ist'l = 1 X the Netherlands = 5 x Rome = 26 X Stuttgart as population. And, our population is > 13 mio! Circa 15 - 16 mio. Immigration from Anatolia to Ist'l is the biggest problem, and can't be stopped:(

    Pleased that you had visited some places that I almost not to like to be:) I am very selective if it's Istanbul or any part of Türkei and I may prefer walking alone:) Btw, impressed very much by your Turkish.. very correctly written, bravissimo sei!

    Hardly waiting what might be the upcoming page of your book;) Have a nice weekend w/ sunny and blue skies.

  2. Anonym21/6/10

    Hi Youwee,
    realy gorgeous pics from Istanbul. I guess that the "high-tower" is a wordfamous actor. I remember him in a movie with Brad Pitt. Or is he a football-player? I remember him in a play with David Beckham. Or is he a singer? However: famous and popular in any case.
    Ali from Istanbul

  3. As far as I know, Ali from the Taubertal (?), the damn good-looking "high tower" in one of the photos is the German version of the reincarnation of a football-playing Brad Beckham (or something like that)... ;-))