Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

I saw...

...a motorhome with some outdoor furniture, a charcoal grill and some happy campers in front of it.

So quite a normal scene you might find in many countries these days during summertime.

What makes the scene a little weird / oddish was the fact that the campers didn't stand in a meadow or on a resting place, but on a "field of pistachios crumbs".

On closer examination from a higher post of observation their picnic area looked like a piece of cheesecake.
Garnished with pistachios crumbs and chocolate sprinkles.

What else???

Suddenly an eruption shaked and shocked their peaceful barbeque.
A huge knife appeared on the horizon and cut their picnic area into pieces...!!!

Some of the barbeque guests had to leave, but the camper and his wife came to an arrangement with the new condition, replaced their camping furniture and started to take a coffee with a mountain of whipped cream.

Anyhow it was a nice birthday party of my father, the passionate camper, with a delicious beautifully decorated cheesecake.


  1. Cheesecake, coffee w/lotsa whipped cream, bbq, outdoor furnitures, all for two in a passionately summertime? All the stuff is what I like to find in real life as well:) What a delightful birthday party dedicated for your Father! N'joyed very much this way of celebration, Uwe. Wishing him the happiest of happy b*day in health, happiness and joy.

    ps- tomorrow will be a must to go to Maria's -my numero uno! in town; hardly wait..!

  2. Maria's cheesecakes coffeeshop - that looks really like a hidden treasure in Istanbul!

    But it seems to be a litte out-of-town, doesn't it? But for those who love (or who can't live without) great cheesecakes, it really seems to be a place you MUST visit. ;-)

    We have been to two coffee shops in the Galata district - the one I can remember was the coffee shop of Ara Güler (--> Ara Café), the prominent Istanbul photographer!

  3. Morning Uwe,

    Yeap, like you said, Mme Maria is really talented and successful at her cozy patisserie shop. Even though taking circa 25 min from me by car/l'autobus it's worth:) In the meantime, shop in Beykoz, a lovely district on the Bosphorus with many fine fish restaurants as well. You might be int'ed in reading here:

    Been to Ara café? Great choice, Uwe! One of my fave spots in old Pera. For sure, he's a great master of "creative" photographing and I like very much his unique style how conveying the great sensibility within his captures. Did you feel the same thru his photos?

    Oh I can't pass up from saying, that I'm totally inspired by your nice comments and kind wishes. I'm afraid I feel (myself) like a small fish in a big pond nowadays. Because I'm desperately searching for a good job (upon closed our own family-run company short time ago). Have no signal at all from my endlessly CV forwarding to companies, but lets hope the best:)

    Wishing the fruitful week to 'you at work':)

  4. Appetizing stratum.

  5. Anonym21/6/10

    Servus, bin wieder da!
    Werde jetzt nur für you-wee-because meinen Internet Explorer anwerfen. Mozilla macht da ja Mucken. Das bedeutet: mit mir ist wieder zu rechnen, aber manchmal auch ganz rafiniert unter Künstlernamen.

  6. Welcome back to the club, Rob!

    We appreciate your inspiring and spicy comments (again).


  7. @Nihal: Did you try to introduce yourself personally / per phone instead of sending away many job application files to the companies?
    In which branch of industy you are looking for a new job?
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll attain success with the right job where you are able to develop your multible abilities!