Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

"Unterwegs mit Menschen"

"On the way with people"

That's the motto and philosophy of our friend Falk, who's now offering inspiring guided tours across his home island Sylt in the far north of Germany. Prior to that he went to sea for approximately 50 years.

Falk offers three individual guided tours: Through

Kampen - between seaside and tideland

Wenningstedt - Braderup - Kampen (known as the "Norddörfer")


Rømø, the Danish neighbor island in the north.

The tours are a mixture out of natural experience, self experienced history, North Frisian culture and they are free of smart-alecky demeanour.
The participants and "having a good time together" take centre stage.

A break in the famous Café Kupferkanne at Kampen with the various delicious cakes and coffee specialities is an absolute must.

The "Café Kupferkanne" lies on the east side of Kampen and offers a great view to the tideland.

This "Blümchen-Bild" (flower picture) with purple pansies I took on on of the green roofs (!) of the Kupferkanne.

Back on the ground you can be face to face with daisies or wild beasts... ;-)


  1. Wonderful place.
    And those cakes look so delicious!!

  2. Oh my fascinating tour on glorious countryside, unspoilt towns and villages of greeny Germany! Because of my family ties in beautiful Stuttgart, I'm familiar with French border. I'd like very much to take #3 tour of Rømø into Danish border. Thanks U-we, you captured perfectly the guided blog-tour:)

  3. I just read about some protected areas in this neighborhood and am dying to visit! (Love the dog pic, by the way)!

  4. I wish there was somewhere selling cakes and German cofee like this where I take my guided tours. We are poor cousins in these departments. Why can we not have great coffee like the rest of Europe?

  5. Hi again,
    I thought you were kidding, but are you really visiting Istanbul over this weekend as you said in your comment?
    Hope you have a great weekend, it seems sunny today, and perfect for taking shots of Queen City Ist'l:) Looking forward to find your Istanbul postcards here when you are back to blogging.

    Have fun.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. You have to be patient with me and my next posts. But therefore I'm able to show you some of my impressions from the "edge of Europe" - you even can have a look on "the beginning of Asia" from some of my viewpoints...

    Always stay curious!