Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010


- view on hall B1 of the AUTOMATICA 2010 fair -

Yesterday I was on the AUTOMATICA 2010 fair in Munich, one of the leading exhibitions for robotics, automation and mechatronics. Under the motto "Green Automation" (Engineering sustainability) more than 800 exhibitors showed the latest trends and technologies in the field of industry & service robotics.

SCHUNK - the most innovative and well-known manufacturer of handling components for robots and automation systems.


service robotics: SCHUNK LWA3 - light weight arm mounted on a modern wheelchair for seriously handicapped people. A controlable helping hand for those who cannot use their own arms and hands anymore.

modular assembly automation: SCHUNK pick and place units - the fastest in the world...!

packaging industy: SCHUNK LEG - large stroke electrical gipper - wodden (development) version. As rigid as with an aluminum housing, but much ligher.

robot manufacturer: FANUC heavy load jointed-arm robot with a "fantasy" giant gripper

(future?) service robotics: humanoid test robot with 51 (!) controlable axis - from DLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt


  1. Uwe,
    This must have been very cool! Come on, let me know about these events before they happen if you can! ;)
    Lux Lady

  2. Boyz and their toyz! Or: Welcome on the playground for (mainly male) engineers and technicians. But more and more there are some young ladies getting interested in that stuff, too. ;-)

    Of course you are invited to the next AUTOMATICA fair at Munich 2012. These types of faires occur on a two-year cycle.
    So the next fair of this kind will be again in June 2010 at Munich.

    A similar fair will be in September 2010 at Stuttgart:

  3. Hallo Sir:)
    Oh my, great captures and the futuristic robots of our future. In fact I know this largest robot trade fair in the world, AUTOMATICA, but never been to. Now feeling lucky, at least such a virtual visitor thru your great article.

    A kinda nostalgia for me, 'cus my first meeting with robots happened when I was in Toyota-SA factory in Turkei. Can't forget how impressed seeing these smart guys working on welding and assembly lines of a car line! Amazing! They increase productivity in every area, but esp in the food and packaging industries.

    Similar one to take place at my (2nd home) Stuttgart? Sounds superb! I'd really LIKE to be there to discuss the future of robotics at next door with AUTOMATICA... Tks for the link, very helpful, will be surfing on.

    Btw.. yes, one of those ladies is me. Studied engineering, science before that; so technology carved in my DNA:) Even though I'm (re)directed into strategic planning and mngt (office work) after having worked in heavy industry and construction until 1999, I'm still interested in technology, machinery and all related to it.

    (*) wouldn't you like to hear a hint on your improving turkish?
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    This is the way we use:)

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    More tech-related articles are welcome, Sir. Please do not hesitate I'd appreciate!

    Thanks & Hoşça kal:)