Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Sea pink

The sea pink or sea thrift [Armerita maritima] - its common German name is Strand-Grasnelke - is a typical flower of the salt meadows of the seaboard / coastal areas.
It can grow in dry, sandy, saline conditions such as those at beaches and salt marshes.

The Armeria maritima is able to exude the salt out of special glands on its leaf surface.

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  1. Hallo Uwe,
    Danke schön for your kind comment, and your visit too:) Unfortunately it's again rainy, cloudy and very gray since yesterday. No Sunshine. You're advised to check out the weather thru online for 3-5 days forecast, seems like it'll be drop days until next week. I think you'd better to swim in your pink sea instead of Istanbul's desperately gray sea;)

    I truly enjoy with your art of observation! Your photos are so beauty+full! Liebe Grüße.