Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Testi Kebab


In the evening of our third day in Istanbul we met some really nice guys  - Yusuf & Hakan & their team - running a great restaurant:
café & restaurant aloran at Cankurtaran, Istanbul.

If you're tired of being kidnapped when studying the menu of a restaurant and when you just want a friendly talk with local people, you absolutely must visit this place!

 One of the specialities of aloran restaurant is testi kebab, a variation of the traditional kebab, in which the meat and veggies are cooked over the fire in a clay pot, after which the pot is cracked open and served.

The guys from aloran celebrate each opening ceremony of a testi kebab clay pot like an event. 
And the event photographer of the evening tried to capature the key scenes of the ceremony to the point.


Afiyet olsun! - Enjoy your meal!


  1. Anonym21/6/10

    what a surprise: i know this restaurant! A few weeks ago i where there! It is loveley, the waiters are very friendly and the special-meal is a big show and very tasty.
    Maybe we visited more locations too? I am very inquisitive about the next pics.

  2. So welcome to my blog, David!

  3. Oh my, fantastic presentation with an interesting Testi Kebabi (=earthenware-jug kebab or pot kebap) show, Uwe!

    So very pleased to see that you had a great time having famous, mouth watering Ottoman dinner at Aloran:) Lovely place with its tasteful interior. Its location to be located in Four Seasons of (historical) Sultanahmet area is a bonus, I think. Isn't it amazing how the staff work that they really like their job and their restaurant! And here's the result, customer satisfaction as ever long for in every kind of work:)

    One second.. either on a skewer, with a fresh pide bread, stuffed with yoghurt, with grilled tomatoes and green spicy peppers, there's lots of kebaps in our cuisine. May you have chances to taste them all, and share with us in great articles like this one:)

    points given: 5*****

  4. Wow! Just another reason I am excited to go there tomorrow. I might have to check this one out...

  5. @Lux Lady: Have a nice and exciting trip to Istanbul - and regards to the 13 to 16 millions of inhabitants!