Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Caribic food @ Zuckerhut

Internationale Küche trifft auf Assamstadt - seit mehr als zehn Jahren bereits!

International cuisine meets Assamstadt - since more than ten years now!

Liebe STEFELES-Fans! 
Passend zu den aktuell in Deutschland herrschenden Sommertemperaturen gibt's auch wieder die passenden Gerichte dazu aus südlichen Gefilden in eurem Lieblingslokal: Erfrischend leichte karibische und südamerikansiche Köstlichkeiten mit tollen Aromen!

Dear STEFELES fans!
Appropriate to the current German summer temperatures your STEFELES restaurant offers the right dishes from the southern hemisphere: refreshing light Caribian and South American delights with great aromas.

Jedes der Gerichte wird wie immer frisch und individuell von Chefkoch Markus Wachter für euch zubereitet.

STEFELES chef & owner Markus Wachter prepares each dish freshly and individually for you.  

Der Küchenmeister bei der Arbeit - in seiner allzeit vom Restaurant einsehbaren Küche.

The "wizzard of pots" at work - in his restaurant kitchen where you can watch him working at all times through a window from the dining area.

Zwei Ansichten von "Tomaten- & Linsen-Feuerwasser" - eine köstlich würzig-erfrischende Vorspeise für verwöhnte Gaumen.

Here you see two different views on one aromatic and refreshing starter for refined palates: "tomato and lentile fire water"

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Das Geschenk des Hauses an seine Gäste am heutigen Abend: 
Mais-Mousse mit Weißer Schokolade!
 Zum Dahinschmelzen!

Free of charge -"gift of the restaurant" -  for STEFELES guests on today's evening:
Mousse made of corn and white chocolade!
Try it and you wanna die for!

Wo findet man so etwas sonst noch links oder rechts des Taubertals zwischen Rothenburg und Wertheim???

Where do you find something like this left or right of the Tauber valley between  Rothenburg and Wertheim???

Et voilà: Das Hauptgericht - Bermuda-Barramundi.
Fischfilets vom Barramundi mit Rohrzucker gratiniert, Kokosreis an Thaichilli und Mangosorbet.

Info für Ernährungsbewusste: Der Barramundi hat einen Fettgehalt von ca. 2 % und ca. 15 % Eiweißanteil.

Wohl bekommt's.

Et voilà: the main course - Bermuda barramundi.
Filleted fish of the barramundi, also known as Asian Seabass, gratinée with cane sugar, coconut rice with Thai chilli and mango sorbet.

Info for nutrition-conscious people: the barramundi fish has a fat content of approx 2% and a protein content of approx. 15%.

Enjoy your meal.

Da lachen Herz und Geschmackszellen des Gastes - und auch das Auge des Fotografen freut sich daran... ;-)

Guests and gustatory cells are happy - and it even cheers the eye of the photographer... ;-)


  1. I hope you were being hygenic with your camera in that kitchen!

    Everything is a photographic adventure for you, even dinner. I admire your ability! Great Stuff


  2. Hallo Uwe,
    I found myself in understanding and checking out my poor german thru your post more than reading what's inside;)

    Some words are really recalling but some very new. Need to sit down and work hard. In the meantime, thanks to great chef Marcus and his presentation for this 'die for' Stefeles. Reminds me sushi bar, freshly+individually+in front of your eyes.

    Oh my, I like reading blogs but blogs including so wonderful recipes of foods, no, really;)

  3. @ Andy: Yes, I normally have my camera with me and I love to take pictures and capture varying moods even at unusual places. My friends as well as my colleagues know me (exclusively) in combination with my "men's handbag" when being on the move - my black photo backpack (from Lowepro). So everywhere I go I have (normally) my photo equipment with me. (But there are exceptions of this rule, but not very often).
    Chef Markus from STEFELES restaurant is (of course) one of my friends, so I'm allowed to take photos even in his restaurant kitchen. And of course I try to leave a minimum of crab :-) inside his very clean "cooking laboratory". So whenever you travel to Germany - give me a call. We meet at STEFELES and try one of his wonderful dishes. :-))

    @ Nihal: English and German have the same roots. As far as I know there are 44 words in both languages which are pronounced in the same way: Like "bear" & "Bier" or "wine" and "wein". If you have a look to the English word "water" you see the affinity to the German word of the same meaning: "Wasser".
    Or the spelling is the same, but not the pronunciation: Butter - butter, Ball - ball, Hand - hand, Goldenes Horn - golden horn, Hunger - hunger, ...
    You see: being able to speak English means automatically being able to speak a lot of German words, too! :-))
    But, yes, the grammar is more complicated...

    Let's think about a meeting of blog buddies in the STEFELES restaurant in future? Trying to learn more about each other while tasting some of Markus' great recipes? What do you think about this idea, Markus? (he's one of my anonymous blog readers) ;-))

  4. Hi Uwe! Thanks for visiting my blog ... I've been scrolling a bit down in your blog too, and I found a lot of interesting posts, and great images!
    Regards Irene