Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

Red Poppies...

...from yesterday evening.

Just watch and enjoy.

I popped out and popped in (to) a poppy field to pop some poppy blossoms.


  1. I love how these pop up around here everywhere, even near highways. Lovely shots!

  2. Good Morning Uwe,

    The ppr photo you asked is taken in Bodrum Mavi Beach (=Bodrum Blue Beach and Hotel), pls visit for more:

    Ah Bodrum! A very famous tourist resort in the southwestern Aegean region of the country. This summer I'm planning to fly down there (in mid Jul). Pls click to learn more abt Bodrum:

    Thanks God, huge thanks, that my Sun started showing us his face since yesterday:) 30-ish degrees we're expected over the weekend, not so bad;)

    Oh your poppies are super beautiful! A perfect reminder about how much I was loving to make poppy dolls from those fine flowers... When I was a kid at kindergarten. Wondering if german kids are also able to know how to make it? Big fun!

    What gets me surprised is why poppies to be seen in the end of jun - beg of jul? However we already closed poppies' page in the first week of may:) Now. Magnolias, roses and hortensias are blooming:)

    You too have an excellent weekend holidays, görüşürüz.

  3. Hallo Uwe,

    How's the current degrees? Still irresistible warm? Leader is leader in everywhere, that I think it never changes. I can understand why you get the current German temperatures under control;) I kind of like to enjoy your commenting style, that makes me smiley:))

    Oh btw, I was watching the match, Klose my #1 was excellent! One important note to German team coach: waiting World Cup from Germany!

    I hope you're doing your best to extend the zen at home;) Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday.