Montag, 15. Juni 2009

EuroPride 2009 Zurich parade & celebration

About 50,000 people took part in the huge parade on 6 June and demonstrated for their equal rights: "Your rights are my rights". With 24 trucks and 25 floats, it was the longest and most colourful parade ever seen in Zurich.

Tousands of visitors were enchanted by the two-day festival in the City of Zurich. More than 100 mobile stars or tusk cones illuminated the streets and rainbow flags were visible everywhere, even on the front of trams and busses.

Visitors came from all over Switzerland, from Europe and even from overseas; everyone danced into the early morning hours.


  1. Anonym17/6/09

    What gorgeous pics and no comment? That`s not admissible! So: thank you for this pics sending into the world, especial for Vietnam :-)


  2. Anonym19/6/09

    Für einen Moment hatte ich vor die Züricher CSD-Foto-Strecke mit einem Kommentar-Rekord zu adeln. Nun, wir wollen mal nicht kindisch werden. Zürich war sehr schön - und Freitag der Wetterknaller. Bei jedem schlossaufschließen erinnere ich mich gerne.