Montag, 23. November 2015

The bell founder...

...on the first Christmas Market 2015 in our region.

Der Glockengießer auf dem ersten regionalen Weihnachtsmarkt 2015
im Park von Schloss Crailsheim in Rödelsee, Unterfranken, Bayern.

 Hi folks!

Last time but one weekend we still had a kind of great last summer temperatures and a lot of sunshine, this weekend we've got the first winter day here in our region with the first snow at higher altitudes!

So it was time to visit the very first Christmas market (worth visiting):
The Christmas market at Crailsheim Castle in the small village of Roedelsee (a population of about 1700 people).

One of the attractions of this small, but lovingly organized Christmas market was (in my view) the booth of a bell founder / belleter; a craft you don't find very often nowadays in public.

So I took my time to observe and photograph the handicraft activities of this craftsperson.

At first her had to prepare the sand moulds and melted the bell bronze at a temperature of about 1100°C. Thereafter he cast the liquid metal into the sand forms.

 After a cooling time of about 30 minutes (for big bells it can last up to three days!)...

...he separated the mould housings from each other and put the hardened bells with the cast-on section out of the sand mould.

The last work steps were cutting the cast-on section, cleaning and brushing to get the finished bell - not to forget to mount the bell clapper in the bell.

A happy and peaceful Advent season to all of you!

Ring the bells of peace!



  1. Anonym23/11/15

    Das sind wirklich tolle Bilder, ein Glockengießer bei der Arbeit ist echt sehenswert.
    Hast du dir auch ein Glöckchen gekauft ?
    Liebe Grüße von der leider schneelosen Insel,

  2. Wow!! He is quite an artisan! Wonderful photos!! Have a grand week!

  3. It was lovely to see how the bells asre made. great shots

  4. Great photos of the bell casting process. Takes skill to do this sort of metal casting, and you have captured that beautifully.

  5. Wie schön das es doch noch altes Handwerk gibt. Wird der Glockenton eigentlich durch die Größe bestimmt?Wie auch immer - schöne Fotos vor stimmungsvoller Kulisse.

  6. Hi! The winter has come in your neighborhood! The bell founding photos are very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've never seen a belleter - that would be fascinating to watch. I'm so glad you shared these photos at - it was a treat to see them!
    Thanks for joining in and I hope to see you next week.

  8. That would be so fascinating to watch! I loved seeing your interesting, beautiful photos of this lost art!

  9. Ein Glockengießer - wo kann man den heutzutage noch bei der Arbeit sehen!? Das ist ein toller Beitrag. Danke für mitnehmen auf diesen schönen Markt.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. quite impressive to see how bells are made.
    thanks for visiting my blog and for the interesting tip you gave me.

  11. I like to go to local fairs just to see artisans like this guy! How great that you shared it with us.

  12. Lovely photos as ever Uwe but this time also educational! We are off to Denmark's capital for the Tivoli Christmas market this weekend. I will see what I see there :o)

  13. Dear Uwe - Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see the true craftsmanship behind those beautiful silvery bells. I wish people will take this song of the video to heart.

    Weather turned from mid-autumn to winter suddenly today. At last I need a coat to go out. Wish you a lovely season.


  14. What a fun collection of photos! How cool to be able to see the bells being made! Happy Advent! I am planning on making Zimt Sterne for my kids.

  15. That is pretty cool the have a foundry demonstration like that going on. Looks like a nice little Weinachtsmarkt!

  16. Solche Handwerksvorführungen ziehen mich auch immer magisch an, aber einen Glockengießer konnte ich noch nie bewundern. Freut mich für Dich, dass Du diese Gelegenheit beim Schopf packen konntest. LG und einen friedlichen Advent Su (welchen Weihnachtsmarkt planst Du denn als nächstes zu besuchen, vielleicht trifft man sich ja mal :))

  17. A dying skill I think. Lovely to see it still being done


  18. Such an interesting series of images. I, too, love your images of the bell founder. Your photos tell a wonderful story.

  19. Interesting to see such craftsmen working in a public place.

  20. How interesting to watch the bell maker work. I visited my first Christmas market of the season yesterday, but it doesn't really feel like Christmas time yet. Have a wonderful week, Uwe!