Montag, 30. November 2015

...a wee bit of Christmas decoration!

Are you already prepared for the Advent season,
are you already prepared for Christmas decoration???

The majority of people I've talked to isn't!

Maybe it has to do with our long and very warm late autumn weather this year - so somehow we are not prepared for winter, not prepared for the Advent season yet.

But: on Saturday morning we had two full hours of winter atmosphere in southern Germany - 
it was snowing in the morning at breakfast time.

So: doesn't matter if you are ready for the Advent season or not:


Here are my first 2015 photographs of "a wee bit" of Christmas decoration we've arranged in our living room... ;-)

This is why it's called "White Christmas" - even if the region you life is far away from getting any snow!

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Some red colour can't hurt...

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

...aaaaand back to reduced colours again.

I hope you didn't suffer from an overkill of Christmas decoration too early this season!!! 


A pleasant, peaceful und happy Advent time!

Thank you very much SOMMERHAUS RAHMENMANUFAKTUR in Bad Mergentheim for letting me taking the photographs in your great and lovingly decorated Christmas exhibition!


  1. Hallo Uwe, wie geht's?
    Deine bilder (wie immer) sind schön!!!!
    Ich habe schon mein Weihnachtsbaum montiert! Ich mag das Haus für Weihnachten zu dekorieren :-).
    Am Samstag haben wir die Esslinger Weihnachtsmarkt besucht. Oh, wie schön! Der Markt ist alles im mittelalterlichen Stil. Es ist sehr interessant!. Kennst du diese Weihnachtsmarkt? LG und schöne Woche!

  2. I think the commercialization of Christmas has dampened my enthusiasm. I try to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas. It is sometimes a struggle to keep that focus, though.
    Your photos are lovely!
    Thank you for linking up at

  3. Anonym1/12/15

    Bei mir ist die Adventsdeko sehr natürlich dieses Jahr, viel aus dem Wald gesammeltes mit etwas Weiß.
    Deine Detailaufnahmen gefallen mir sehr, ganz besonders das Pferdchen⭐
    Liebe Grüße, Patricia

    1. ...das Pferdchen, das eines von drei silbernen Kamelen "aus dem Morgenland" war! ;-)

  4. Hi! Nice Christmas decoration in your house. We enjoy the Christmas season. But There are no religious meanings in our country.

  5. Those are some serious Christmas decorations and it is my favourite thing about Christmas


  6. i am more than ready for Xmas, my friend.
    No snow yet, and there will never be any where I live (leider nicht :(
    But palm trees play well as Xmas tress around here! Yeaaahhhh
    That decor you photographed, its so gemütlich!!! Super cozy, I love white + wood.
    Have a great December, Uwe!
    Cheers from rainy Brazil

  7. You helped put me in the spirit!

  8. Getting to southern Germany t Christmas is something I hope to do in my lifetime. You images Are lovely.

  9. I think a German Christmas is the perfect Christmas scene. You guys do it right!

  10. Anonym3/12/15

    No Xmas lights outside yet, no Christmas tree bought yet, and the decorations are still packed in boxes in the garage - how am I doing? But seeing these Christmas things brings me in the mood (also my shopping gene kicks in:) )

  11. Gorgeous! Makes me want to put my coat on and head to Germany

  12. I hope you enjoyed all the Christmas decorating. My place has no real theme but is mostly red and gold and bells. I love the lights outside. I'm not ready for Christmas, more because I miss family and know I won't see them.

  13. Dear Uwe - I’ve been shopping for Christmas presents to my little ones, but am not so interested in decorating my house with lots of ornaments but with a few of my favorites with memories. Your another living room is so gorgeous; I’ll find my second one somewhere else. :) SOMMERHAUS RAHMENMANUFAKTUR must be pleased with these photos. If I were the owner of this shop, I’d definitely include these photos in the commercial pamphlets.

    Our unusually warm autumn delayed the coloring Japanese maples and somewhat reduced the brightness of the colors, but nature knows its time to take action. Winter came abruptly a week ago here, but no snow yet in Nara. I always like your snow photos, Uwe, so beautiful and atmospheric. Stay warm and enjoy the season.


  14. Hihi, hab mich schon gewundert, warum Du mit Jacke in Deinem Wohnzimmer stehst ;). Als geborener Erzgebirgler muss Deko ja auch immer sein, aber so schön das Sommerhaus aussieht, das wär mir dann doch etwas to much. Zum Photographieren ist es natürlich ein Traum. Du bist ein Glückspilz angesichts solcher Gelegenheiten :). LG Su

  15. It's pretty, but I think they start with the Christmas stuff way too early and it seems to start earlier every year. Still no signs of snow here in the south of Finland. We're having another wet and windy day. Take care!

  16. Oh my!!! What a delicious, delightful fabulous white Christmas setting! The outdoor images are so wonderful with all the lights and beautiful reflection. And the indoors....amazing! (I just can't imagine how long it takes to set up and take down.)