Montag, 12. Oktober 2015

Buddha Museum Traben-Trarbach

Where do you travel to visit more than 2000 different Buddhas at one place?

Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, or... ?

...Traben-Trarbach, Mosel Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany??? --> !!!

Buddha Museum Traben-Trarbach

There, along the lovely Mosel valley, you find a great and unique Buddha museum
with Buddhas from all Asian countries where Buddhism is widespread and part of the vibrant culture.

Certainly you understand that I cannot display a representative amount of all the different buddhas here in my post,  so I wanna present you at least my best photogrphs of this private, but publicly accessible collection.

Did you enjoy our tour through the Buddha museum?

Outside it looks quite different, quite German again... ;-)


  1. What an interesting museum. I never would have guessed this was in Germany!

    1. Always expect the unexpected from Germany, Brooke! ;-)

  2. 2000 Buddhas? Wow.
    Amazing photos.
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. I would love to go to this Buddha museum someday. I am surprised it is in Germany.

  4. Wonderful images of a fabulous collection. Yes the tour was great!

  5. Hi! Nice collection of Buddha's photos. I like the fifth photo very much. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What an unexpected treasure! I like all of them and especially admire your photographic treatment of them.

  7. Was für eine fantastische Kollektion und das mitten in Deutschland...Superschoene Fotos! Für solchen Anblick muss man /frau sonst stundenlang in engen Flugzeugen sitzen ...Na dann. Warum in die Ferne schweifen...usw.

  8. Wow!! So interesting! I have to remember this for my next travel!

  9. That was unexpected, I wonder how so many statues made their way to Germany of all places. What an education to visit

  10. Buddhas sind einfach faszinierend! Ich schaue sie mir immer gerne an!

    Vielen lieben Dank für deine Teilnahme.
    Jedoch zukünftig bitte nur 1 Bild posten! Das sind die Vorgaben beim "Sunday Inspiration" - und ich denke auch einfach umzusetzen.
    "Denn in der Kürze liegt die Würze" beim Sunday Inspiration!!
    Vielen lieben Dank für Dein Verständnis.
    Der Post bleibt natürlich auf jeden Fall verlinkt! Aber für zukünftige Beiträge bitte beachten!

    Greetings & Love

    1. Ja, schade.
      Ein-Bild-Posts gibt's bei mir (glaub' ich) seit 2007 schon nicht mehr.
      Dann war das mein erster und zugleich letzter "Auftritt" beim Sunday Inspiration...
      Aber: Am Ende wird alles gut sein. Und ist noch nicht alles gut, dann ist es auch noch nicht das Ende.

  11. I enjoyed the tour very much! The statues are all very beautiful.

  12. My dear friend Uwe!
    Vielen Vielen Dank für deine lustige kommentar!!! Really I laughed a lot when I read that zehntausende man were crying cause Miss Cobar was off the market ha ha ha ha. Well the one man who took me off the market was indeed a very special one!
    Thanks for the compliments, for the kind and funny words and of course, for the wishes! I like it so much to read (and listen ) to married people saying how happy they are! Congratulations for being married so long to a lucky woman, Miss Uwe!!!
    Well, looking that good took a lot of work my friend, it doesnt come easy. But it was worth it.
    All the weight I lost before the wedding was gained again... with Haribo and Wurst! Yeah we went to Germany on the honeymoon. And Italy too, but my husbby loved Germany. We may even move there, he is a doctor and we found out that Germany needs many doctors.
    Who knows my friend! In the meantime, lerne ich Deutsch!
    Liebe Grusse aus Brasilien!

  13. Anonym17/10/15

    Liebe Uwe, ich bin begeistert die Buddhas hast du toll in Szene gesetzt. Diese Ausstellung hätte ich auch gerne besucht.
    Liebe Grüße, in den Süden,

  14. What a fabulous collection! Your photos are great.

  15. What a beautiful and interesting series of images. Very well done!

  16. I’d forget that I am in Germany if I am there in person being engrossed in seeing at so many Buddha statues. Their faces must be different from region to region and time to time, but none looks to be from Japan. Your photos are all awesome, Uwe, but you were lucky to be able to photograph them. In Japan, there is no-photography rule in most of the temples and museums as Buddhist statues are the object of worship.


  17. Greetings from the Philippines my dear friend Uwe! I am so happy to be back in the blogging world through your beautiful blog! I've been away because my grandma passed away but we ar all recovering from our loss.

    I am so amazed to see all hose beautiful and historical buddha statues and found out that it is in Germany! They look very precious and taken cared off and I would definitely enjoy being in that place, well it's like you already took me there :)


  18. Wahnsinn, das wusste ich nicht ... ich dachte wirklich, Du hättest angesichts des grauen Wetters hier Beine und Kamera in die Hand bzw, den Flieger genommen.
    Ich war vor sehr vielen Jahren auf Sri Lanka. Auch eine Menge Buddhas, aber dort darf man Buddha nur in drei Posen abbilden: meditierend, also sitzend. Und schlafend oder tot, wobei sich diese beiden Positionen nur durch die Fußhaltung unterscheiden. Da freue ich mich doch sehr über die Vielfalt in Deinen Bildern!