Sonntag, 8. März 2015

The very first...

...almond blossoms in Germany 2015.

Found and taken yesterday.

Along the Palatinate Wine Route near Landau, Pfalz.

For a moment we thought that we wouldn't find one flower on the many almond trees in the Palatinate region - none of bushes or trees in thís region had buds or even green leaves so far.

But then it was like a colour miracle:
On 1 out of 100 almond trees we found the very first gentle almond blossom.

So after a whole day of driving and hiking through this blessed region we finaly found three almond trees where one or two of its branches have born some almond flowers.

In two or three weeks of sunny and warm spring weather
the almond alleys should look like on the painting we saw at the town of Landau.


  1. So nice to see! Our peach and pear trees will soon be in bloom!

  2. Ganz wunderschöne Bilder von den Mandelblüten. Hier sind es mehr die Apfelplantagen und die zeigen weder grün noch rosa. So unendlich lang kommt mir dieser Winter vor. Eine schöne Woche für Dich.

  3. Dear Uwe - Looks like almond blossom to your heart is like ume ( Prunus mume) blossom to mine, longing for the arrival of spring. The blossoms of fruit tree like ume, sakura (cherry), almond, or momo (peach), look like with their soft pink petals and blooming time. Full blooming is spectacular, but buds on the verge of flowering or only one or two flowers are pretty important on emotional impact. I might have given impression that spring is almost here in Nara, but actually I’m shivering with the storm sometimes accompanied by the snow today. Have happy days ahead.


  4. These are beautiful, I can't wait for things to start blooming here.

  5. I love the beginning stages of the cherry blossom--you've captured it beautifully.

  6. Wow, bist Du extra deswegen hingefahren? Wenn ja, woher wusstest Du, dass um diese Zeit schon die Mandelbäumchen blühen? Ich kämpf grad mit meinem Garten, da blüht noch gar nix (an Bäumen). Nicht mal die Kornelkirsche, die eignetlich schon längst fällig wäre. LG Su

  7. Wie schön. Ich versuche gerade, mir den Duft noch dazu vorzustellen, das macht den Frühling schon fast greifbar ,,,

  8. I saw my first little bit of blossom today


  9. Gorgeous photos. Won't you please come share at

  10. Ich will am Sonnabend auf Krokusjagd in Zavelstein gehen. Zum Glück haben die ja einen Liveticker :), der einem sagt, wann's sich lohnt. LG Su

  11. Wow my friend!
    Flowers, flowers, flowers! I hope you will see and take thousands of pictures for us to see.
    Well, in 2 weeks Marcia will fly to the Netherlands to see tulips blooming in Keukenhof garden!
    Have u been there, Uwe?
    May the flowers bring you and your wife lots of joy!
    Cheers from rainy and fu**** up Brazil.

  12. Hi, Uwe.
    The pictures are enchanting! In my place it's too early for blossoms; snow is only melting. Yet, spring fragrance fills the air.
    You know what? Your introduction sounds disputable for a philologist's ear ))) Truly enough, photos might be eloquent, but can they beat a well-phrased idea? I'm just thinking...
    Have a lovely week end, the last in March!
    With best wishes to you and your wife,