Dienstag, 4. März 2014

The world in purple, yellow and white

Are you prepared for a spring color therapy???

--> Here we go!!!

This beauty in purple is

Crocus tommasinianus (woodland crocus, Tommasini's crocus, early crocus),
often referred to as 'tommies', were named after the botanist Muzio G. Spirito de Tommasini (1794-1879), who was Mayor of the city of Triest.
They are native to Bulgaria, Hungary and former Yugoslavia. 

And to the garden of the botanical institute of Wuerzburg university.

 Crocus tommasinianus is often referred to as early or snow crocuses, but these terms are shared with several other species, although C. tommasinianus is amongst the first to bloom.

I took the photos on Sunday, 23rd February in the garden of the botanical institute of Wuerzburg university. All the crocuses were already fully in bloom.
I can't remember any earlier time of flowering of these harbingers of spring in Germany.
Last year it was the first weekend of March when I took the very first of these crocuses there.

Ok, let's change the color to a bright yellow...

What do you think?
These yellow, even golden crocuses look like "catchers of the sunshine", don't they?
Especially in front of the dark background of their bed.

Now let's change the shade of your yellow color...

... to a more pale version.

This blossom carpet is knotted by Eranthis / winter aconite.

Species in this genus are spring ephemerals, growing on forest floors and using the sunshine available below the canopy of deciduous trees before the leaves come out.

Most of you certainly haven't seen of these spring beauties before, haven't you?

Narcissus romieuxii is an early flowering species of daffodil.

It blooms in mid to late winter. There are many subspecies and cultivars, with flowers in many shades of white and yellow. This narcissus species originated in the Atlas Mountains region of Morocco.

Here I used a texture to rework my photograph of Narcissus romieuxii- but textures only seem to be a girl's [femal photographers] best friend.
I'm absolutely not sure if this photo really needs a texture.
What do you think?

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Let's reduce the color to the minimum - white is beautifully and delights the eye... ;-)

Spring Snowflake (Leucojum vernum).

The snowflakes are native to central and southern Europe, from the Pyrenées to Romania and western Russia, but they have been introduced and have naturalized in many other areas, including the east coast of North America.

It flowers one or two weeks later than the snowdrops, i.e., from mid-February to March, as soon as the snow melts in its wild habitat.

Last but not least: 

A beautiful group of Helleborus niger, commonly called Christmas rose or black hellebore,

What's up with the springtime flowers in your part of the world?


  1. What's up? Well you saw our snowman! ;)

    I'm so ready for the springflowers! :)

  2. Oh sind das tolle Fotos!
    Ja, mich begeistern die Krokusse derzeit auch total und das zeitige Frühjahr.
    Liebe grüsze

  3. So many beautiful flowers! My favorite is the group of blue flowers at the foot of the trees. I have never seen a Spring Snowflake flower, just beautiful.

  4. I love seeing that purple. Perfect shots.

  5. Hello!
    That is stunning set of pictures you're showing us in this magnificent post!
    The first photo is a dream!

  6. Anonym5/3/14

    Vackra vårbilder. Har inte sett de gula narcisserna förut.

  7. Is this therapy or a poetry or what? I am totally rejuvenated! Glad that you don't charge any fee. ;)

  8. So pretty, these flowers! :)

  9. Na das sieht doch richtig toll aus…Hier fängt es gerade erst langsam an zu blühen…die Schweizer brauchen ein wenig länger! Warst Du je in Husum zur Krokusbluete?

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  11. They bloom just like sun light itself.
    So bright and so cute.Just pleasure for eyes. Thank you!

  12. Ahhh dear Uwe!!!
    Vielen Dank, ich had mich sehr gefreut!
    Looking at these tiny little flowers made my day, they are soooo cute and sweet!
    I will soon share a Crocus picture on my instagram account. i took this picture in Dresden such a long time ago, but I love it!
    In my part of the world is Herbst... I will keep my eyes out for the flowers.
    By the way, do u have Instagram?
    I have just created a new profile named @dasblumenhaus
    Guess why!
    Cheers my friend, and enjoy Spring!

  13. what a beautiful spring walk i didn't know there was a yellow crocus and wonderful to see all the masses growing so naturally, the white lenten rose is wonderful, you have given me some ideas of what to plant here.

  14. YWB

    How pretty the purple Crocuses are! Of the Crocus, I like purple ones the best(the fifth photo is my favorite!).
    As for the snowflakes, I think there are few of them in Japan. They look so kawaii! I particularly like the twelfth photo!!

    About textures, I love your photos just as they are (that is, without the girlish(?) texture). Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful shots!

  15. Marvelous job, Uwe! These spring floral photos absolutely caused therapeutic effect on me.


  16. Lovely lovely lovely!