Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Café Wohlleben

You never heard about Café Wohlleben???

A marvellous small coffeehouse in the north of Nuremberg, Germany???

What a pity!!! ;-)

On Saturday my sweetheart and I spend a day at Nuremberg / German: Nürnberg,
a city in the state of Bavaria, in the region Middle Franconia.

Nuremberg is know for its famous castle, but also for its dark past during the Nazi era.

Between 1945 and 1946, German officials involved in the holocaust and other war crimes were brought before an international tribunal in the Nuremberg Trials.

Fortunately this is long time ago and nowadays Nuremberg is really a city worth visiting like many other places in Germany. 

A great breakfast would be a perfect start into a sightseeing and shopping tour through Nuremberg.
But Nuremberg is not really known for its coffeehouse culture.

But definitely we found the right (the one and only?) great place offering a breakfast we like:
at Café Wohlleben.

The coffeehouse team is young, extremly friendly and attentively, ambitiously and competently - and their products are just terrifically and of chosen quality!

What more could a heart desire?

Café Wohlleben started three years ago and nowadays they are famous for their great and tasty cakes over and above the whole city region.

The interior is a successful mixture out of modern and retro style...

...and we enjoyed every minute of our breakfast there.

This was definitely not the last time we visited coffeehouse Wohlleben. 

It's a, no, it's THE perfect starting point for a perfect day in Nuremberg!

So: Let's meet at Café Wohlleben the next time!


  1. Wow,looks a great cafe, unfortunately I haven`t heard about it! But I love travelling in Germany, maby one day...

  2. Oh my....this post is REALLY making me wish I was back in Nuremburg! And you have shown there is much more to the city than it's history!

  3. Oh wie sehr ich das deutsche Frühstück vermisse…in all seiner Üppigkeit. Du scheinst das richtige Café dafür gefunden zu haben. Tolle Bilder.

  4. Ah yes, most definitely! You have tempted me enough to be there, right away!

  5. What a lovely place!!! And everything looks so delicious!

  6. so nice and yummy. love all your photos and the food too.

  7. Me and my wife would certainly like to spend time in this cafe ! but it is only several thousand miles from Kuala Lumpur, LOL ! But I work freelance for a German Company called SAP and maybe I will have a chance sometime in the future but it is in Walldolf.

  8. This is delightful! Oh how I wish places like this existed where I live. What I love about my perception of Europe is the absence of so many franchises. I love quaint shops!

  9. @ Wong: Walldorf is only 62 kilometers away from my place of work, Wong. So whenever you plan to travel to Germany, give me a call. Then we certainly find the right coffeehouse, too, to celebrate Germany culture of "cake eating" abd "coffee drinking"... ;-)

    @ ladies: Thanks a lot ladies for your kind comments. One time we plan a get-together / blogger meeting at Café Wohlleben, drink a cup of coffee (or two or three) and talk about this and that. Agreed?

  10. You're fully right, Kim! I love quaint shops, coffeebars and other surpricing places, too. A Starbucks coffee shop looks and offers the same in the USA, in Europe and in Asia. No surprise anymore. The same odd thing all over the world. But there are some regions in the States - e.g. in Seattle, where many small and individual coffee shop rose up. But obviously not in your region. Pack your bags and travel to Europe, Kim! ;-) I invite / ask you to coffee the next time you travel to Germany!

  11. gosh, that looks like an incredible cafe. what a delightful place.

    seriously awesome photos, too!

  12. How fun! That looks like such a great cafe!

  13. Hallo Uwe! Thank you very much for the nice comment on my blog!
    At the moment I can not imagine living anywhere else. Perhaps in the near future ...(??)
    By the way, I've been thinking about visiting Nürberg. I will remember your tips! Nice photos and lecker Kaffee! Cheers :-)

  14. My-my!
    I can smell coffee et and pastry just looking at these great pics! LOL!
    I would rush there if I lived closer! :)

  15. It would appear you hit the jackpot of breakfast/coffee spots. Delicious pictures.

  16. Thanks so much for all your comments, folks - sitting in a coffeehouse and enjoying a great cup of coffee together with a piece of cake is obviously up your alley, isn't it?


  17. I will keep my eyes out for this coffee place next time I visit Nürnberg!

  18. what a wonderful breakfast place I can almost taste the food, love the niches with the pottery display.

  19. Hier bin ich schon öfteres vorbei gelaufen, denn ganz in der Nähe wohnt meine Mutter. Diese war durch Zufall neulich drin und total begeistert! Leider habe ich es noch nicht geschafft - was gar nicht geht!. Wird gleich für nächstes Jahr vorgemerkt.
    Liebe Grüße

  20. Hi Uwe! This is really a great Café! I wish someday that I could visit Germany as well. Thank you for visiting my blog and linking your post. You gave me a great window to your country. It's great travelling through your posts :-)
    Until next time! ~Maya 320 Steps | Rome