Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Magnolia heyday at Lauffen 2014

Lauffen vineyard near the town center beneath Katharinenstrasse,
a blessed place and residential area
and one of my favourite spots in early spring to take the first magnolia blossoms.

Currently the magnolias there are in full bloom.

I captures the scenes last Friday morning, right before I started into my work day.

Regiswindis church at Lauffen, Germany,
predecessor buildings of this church are from the 8th century.
Today's church was rebuilt in 1564 after a fire.

Sometimes it's really difficult to focus the right part of that "sea of blossoms",
you really have to find a suitable structure worth capturing within this huddle.

Or: you just take the whole scene...

At the foot of the vineyard...

...the sloe / blackthorn bushes are full-blown as well.


  1. Congrats. Excellent blog.
    Good luck!

  2. How pretty and delicate are those blossoms! And no matter from which platform you capture, they always look stunning! I love this place, very charming and laidback, looks like it's a photographer's paradise, no wonder it's your favorite. :-)

  3. So much pink and white - cute! ;)

  4. Such lovely blooms! Can't wait for spring to arrive here!

  5. That is beautiful, magnolia is forever. Brilliant photos.

  6. Gorgeous! I love the shot with the church at the background.

  7. Wunderschoene Blueten ! Hoffentlich wird es bei Euch nicht zu einem Kaelteeinbruch kommen und die rosa Blueten werden braun und traurig.

  8. Oh, so beautiful magnolias! I can almost smell flowers :)

  9. This is adorable blog! ♥


  10. These photographs are beautiful, I love your use of light. What a grand way to start a day at work, your soul will have been lifted seeing such beauty.


  11. Was kann ich sagen...
    The photos are amazing, as always!
    Enjoy Springtime my friend!

  12. Beautiful. The magnolias here are not yet in bloom.

  13. Hallo Uwe,
    Deine Magnolien sind ja der Wahnsinn!
    Sag mal, so einen grosses Exemplar hab ich ja noch nie gesehen. Unglaublich schön! Du scheinst in einer sehr netten und interessanten Umgebung zu wohnen.
    Danke Dir auch für Deinen Besuch bei mir neulich. Und ne, das waren keine Kirschblüten, sondern die der Blutpflaume.
    Liebe Grüße aus NRW,

  14. Anonym27/3/14

    Hallo Uwe,
    deine Magnolienbilder sind wunder wunderschön!
    Magnolien mag ich sehr ;)
    Liebe Grüsse aus Schwaben!

  15. You did it again!!! ;)
    I'm dying in my jealousy :)
    These are so beautiful. Your Spring looks phenomenal!

    Thanks for joining Floral Love again.

  16. Gorgeous captures, these magnificant Magnolias are also blooming here (Netherlands).

  17. Indeed that magnolia tree is a splendor!
    I am not surprised you are so attracted to it every spring! LOL!
    You have taken gorgeous photos!
    To answer your question in your previous post, maybe a texture in the background but erased on the subject and a little emboss?! ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Breathtaking shots of glorious magnolias! And the location is so nice. “Sometimes it's really difficult to focus the right part of that ‘sea of blossoms’, you really have to find a suitable structure worth capturing within this huddle.” is so true. I experienced the same thing when I walked along Saho River in my latest post, to which thank you for your lovely comment.