Montag, 31. März 2014

Cherry blossom season 2014 in Germany

The cherry blossom season has started in Germany!!!


Though we've many cherry trees in the spa gardens of our hometown,
only two of them are 'Prunus serrulata', so Japanese Cherry.

Here you see the location of the two Japanese cherry trees.

The Japanese relief stele and Japanese cherry trees are sponsered by Bad Mergentheim's Japanese twin town Fuefuki 笛吹市  in the Yamanashi Prefecture.

Unfortunately the background is not the very best to take great photographs of the cherry trees out of different camera angles - and it's not only the huge and ugly distribution box that frustrates me and my photographic ambitions to capture the cherry blossoms in all directions with a suitable background.

So please conceive your own opinion about my shots of this year's cherry bloom...


  1. Wow!! Amazing photos Uwe!
    Geniesse den Frühling und die warmen Temperaturen. Est ist sehr angenehm. Viel Spass und ein schöne Woche. Tchüsss

  2. Beautiful pink Japaneese petals, it's marvelous.

  3. Hi Uwe,
    Danke für Deinen netten Kommentar bei mir.
    Das sind also "Deine" Kirschblüten....wunderbare Bilder.
    Gefallen mir sehr gut, ich selbst knipse ja einfach nur so rum und hab eigentlich gar keine Ahnung, was ich da tue....vielleicht wird das noch.
    lg aus dem Norden

  4. Anonym31/3/14

    Halli Hallo,
    wunderschön <3
    Im Garten nebenan blüht es auch so schön rosa, ich bin dazu geneigt ein paar Äste abzuschneiden ;-)
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt,

  5. Hi! I'm so happy to see your photos.
    You captured the features of the species very well. In my hometown Sakura( Japanese cherry blossoms) has started to bloom.:)

  6. Great photos, the cherry blossoms are gorgeous. I especially like your last photo of the single petal.

  7. Oh, the Cherry blossom in your hometown is just gorgeous! Love the beautiful pink color of the blossom, and so many blooms!
    Look forward to my Japanese cherry tree blossoms!

    Enjoy your day

  8. Ganz und gar zauberhafte Kirschblütenimpressionen Uwe und sei nicht so streng mit dir und der Location, denn die märchenhafte Stimmung kommt doch super gut rüber!
    Alles Liebe,

  9. I believe you have captured the beauty of the cherry blossoms just wonderfully! They are heavenly!

  10. Your macro shots are stunning! There are very few blossoms more beautiful that a cherry blossom. Lovely!
    Visiting from Texture Twist.

  11. spring looks beautiful over there... enjoy it!

  12. I think they are lovely and you are quite skilled in Photoshop!

  13. These are lovely! And the trees are so full of blooms. What a beautiful place! Enjoy this season!

  14. Oh, what beautiful cherry blossoms!! I loved the magnolias in your previous post, too.(So much prettier than my snowy Winnipeg!)

  15. Anonym2/4/14

    Oh man, I miss the Cherry Blossom trees in Germany. They were like little puff clouds of pink. Visiting form Texture Twist.

  16. I wish you could have heard me say Ohhhhh and Ahhhh as I scrolled to each new photo. Lovely!

  17. So pretty! This is really making me miss Germany right now. Wish I could just pop on a plane and hop on over...Next year!

  18. Anonym4/4/14

    Uwe- Thank you for linking up with Life Through the Lens. I am glad you found the link and joined in. It was fun to chat about the cherry blossom trees.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! I love cherry blossoms and your photos totally capture how beautiful they are.

  20. Wow, what magic did you use to the second image, Uwe? With wide-angle lens, unnecessary part comes into view, so your close-up shots are clever and fascinately done. I like pale pink sea of blossoms against the blue sky. Anyway it’s nice to know cherry blossoms started blooming almost at the same time with my corner of Japan. I remember your last year’s post about cherry trees from Fuefuki City.