Sonntag, 25. August 2013

The world's most beautiful sand heap!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

 All photographs taken on the island of Sylt, July/August 2013.

 At the most northern tip of Germany, at the peninsula Ellenbogen / elbow of Sylt.
 In the background lighthouse List East, one out of five lighthouses on the island.

Sylt Beach Art.

All made from findings at the beach.

Kampen Cliff.
 View along the beach to the north.

Ancient lighthouse "Quermarkenfeuer Kampen". 
The landmark in the dunes west of the village of Kampen.

Hühnergötter / witch stones in a beach chair.

 Wellhornschnecken / waved whelks on a stick.

Typically German "beach furniture": the beach chair / der Strandkorb. 
Protection against sun, wind and sand. 
 My beach chair is my castle.

Kampen Cliff taken from the north.

Where is your favourite sand heap???


  1. Schööööön! Da bekommt man richtig Lust auf Urlaub am Meer! Auf Sylt war ich noch nie, hoffe, das aber mal irgendwann zu ändern! :)
    LG und noch einen schönen Sonntag

  2. Oh how beautiful place!!! <3 I would like to visit there some day!!

    Nice shots all!

    PS. You forgot your cute yellow cap there?? ;)

  3. When I saw your pictures, Uwe, I remembered the photo on the cover of Angela Merkel's bio. I guess she was in Sylt, once she was sitting on a beautiful stripped bench just like the ones you photographed.
    The island is told to be very chic and fancy, is that true?
    Wonderful pictures!

  4. Thanks a lot, ladies, for all your kind comments!
    For me it doesn't matter if the island is known as hip, chic and fancy, Marcia, for me Sylt is pure beauty, a great photo location, relaxation and recreation. (Nearly) nothing else mattes... ;-)

  5. What a lovely place! I really like the 'beach art' that people leave behind for others to enjoy.

  6. What a refreshing looking place. I love the colorful beach art. It would be divine to sit in one of those beach chairs and take in the sights. The lighthouse shot was rather cool, great angle to take the shot from.

  7. Such lovely colorful little vignettes -- wonderful!

  8. These beach art is fantastic. I like the streamers and the leaning tower of seashells. Did you make something of your own? The beach and seascape of Sylt is simply beautiful. I think I know why you love there. There seem to be some nice beaches along the Sea of Japan of which sand is white and made of mostly quartz, though I’ve never been to any of them.


  9. Ok-der deutsche Sommer ist unbemerkt an mir corbeigezogen....Tolle Fotoe, besonders die quietschegelbe Badekappe! da kommen (un) angenehme Kindheitserinnerungen hoch! Und die Wellhornschnecken...ach ja! Die Nordsee!

  10. All the beach art I took photos of and posted here in my blog was made by and old(er) couple who spend their free time in summer all day long on the beach. It takes really a long time to collect all these findings, because normally the Sylt beach and the North Sea araound is (fortunately) not too dirty and full of waste. Step by step they work continuously on their artworks. You see the work of approximately two and a half months!!!
    Of course we know this couple now for many years and we try to meet them at least once a year at their beach section to take some photos of their colourful work.
    Thanks a lot for your comment, Yoko!

  11. Vielen Dank, Karen, für dein Eingeständnis... ;-) Ja, ja, wenn man seine Sommerzeit im schönen Loiretal verbringen kann, dann ist es mehr als menschlich, dass die Erinnerungen an good old Germany und sein Wetter in den Hintergrund treten können.
    Wünsche auch weiterhin ein fröhliches Genießen der französischen Kultur und entsprechender Genüsse!
    Sincères salutation, Uwe.

  12. Hi

    Your photos are all so lovely and I particularly love the lighthouse and the beach(so beautiful). In the first photo I can see the lighthouse far away. Interestingly, I have always been fascinated by lighthouses and whenever I find one, I can't help but take a photo of it. Our lighthouses are usually painted white. I was also intrigued by the artworks on the beach.
    They look Great and your photos of them are really nice!!
    Thank you so much for reading my latest post. I'm sorry that my comment column had some problems. I have no idea why it didn't work. Anyway, I'm so pleased that you are back!!

  13. Dear Sapphire,

    thanks a lot for your kind words! I'm sure you really would like the island of Sylt and its great nature. It never looks the same; every day we have a different light situation and both weather and the North Sea are rebuilding that huge heap of sand constantly. I've never run out of photographic motifs within the last 30 years visiting this unique place!
    Maybe my text didn't arrived on your comment field because I used some letters that are only commonly in Northeuropean languages like Sweden and Denmark. Today is my last workday at Sweden; tomorrow we have to take the aircraft and travel back to Germany. So for the last time: regards from Stockholm, Uwe.

  14. Tolle Fotos, da möchte man sogleich die Koffer packen und hinfahren. :D glg

  15. What a beautiful place. My favorite sand heap is in the US (Indiana) I enjoyed your castle photos. I have been to Germany mom was born near Frankfurt.

  16. These are such fun shots! I love the color you found on the beach. This looks like a lovely place to spend the day…or week…or month…or lifetime!

  17. What a wonderful place to be! I love all the art, too. We find a lot of driftwood structures here in New Zealand that are pretty cool.

  18. Oh I wish I would have known about this little gem before we left Germany. These shots are just beautiful! I look forward to your new post when you return from your holiday.

    1. Now I'm under a high pressure as a result of your expectations!!! ;-)
      I'll do my very best!