Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Dresden sightseeing

Photographic late afternoon and evening stroll through Dresden,
the capital of the German state Saxony.

Dresden Frauenkirche in the light of the setting sun, seven years after its reconsecration in 2005.

Dresden has a long history as the capital and royal residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony, who for centuries furnished the city with cultural and artistic splendour. The city was known as the Jewel Box, because of its baroque and rococo city centre.  

The golden equestrian sculpture of King / Elector August the Strong

The Dresden Academy of Fine Arts along the Brühl's Terrace at the Elbe river banks.

Nearby you find the Fürstenzug - the Saxon sovereigns depicted in Meissen porcelain.

From left to right: A part of Dresden Castle, the Katholische Hofkirche (English: The Catholic Church of the Royal Court of Saxony), the Zwinger Palace (in the background) and the Semper opera house.

 Taken from the Semper opera house: Katholische Hofkirche and Dresden Castle.

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Last but not least: providing insight into Semper opera hall


  1. Das ist aber schön!!!
    Amazing pictures of my beautiful Dresden!!! I used to walk to often on those cobblestone streets Uwe...
    I watched once a ballet performance on Semperoper named ~La Bayadere. I wish I had takes pictures, but I couldnt. Well, your pictures gave me a bit of what it feels like to live in Dresden...
    Danke sehr :)

  2. These photos are super superb, Uwe! You know when the city sparkles the most beautiful and you took advantage of your photography skillfulness of twilight to night scenes. Dresden Frauenkirche reflecting rosy hue and other illuminated architectures shining gold or silver are magically fascinating. Thank you for this sightseeing.


  3. Majestic view of the Opera house !

  4. Linda Makiej hat einen neuen Kommentar zu Ihrem Post "Dresden sightseeing" hinterlassen:

    simply wonderful!

    Sorry Linda, something went wrong when trying to publish your comment. Obviously I deleted it by accident, so I have to post it this way.
    No harm meant!

    Thanks for your comment, Uwe.

  5. Wow! Amazing photos!

  6. Everything in this post is beautiful! Your night photos are really fascinating!! The last photo is just like a piece of art!!
    Thank you for reading my posts this year. I wish you Happy Holidays!!

  7. Thanks a lot for your comments, my lovelies! Happy holidays!

  8. Fantastic shots..

  9. wow I've never been in Dresden before, but that Opera house is so beautiful!! I really have to visit it :)