Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Automobile Briar Rose II

After having found that enchanted FIAT 124 Spider in February 6, 2011 under a huge blackberry bush in the town of Schwäbisch-Hall, recent weekend we discovered again an "automobile Briar Rose".

Not really difficult to see it's an old VW beetle.

This snookums sleeps under a layer of blooming clematis plants of different colours.

The open driver's door invites you to come a little closer and to cast a glance into the interior of this automobile dearie - or what remained of it.

This eye of a headlight has the blues, hasn't it?

The old beetle shows the city coat of arms of Wolfsburg (= wolf + burg / castle) - the headquarters of the Volkswagen AG - on his front boot lid.

What a dignified final resting place for such a car!

In the middle of a huge gardens, where they cultivate different rose and clematis varieties.



  1. Oh my, automobile art from you, Uwe. ♥Beetle, ♥this post very much, danke indeed:)

  2. Uwe, you never fail to find such unique sights...loved this post.

  3. These are such wonderful photographs. Who knows what good times were had in those cars back in the day.

    A while ago, I came from to your blog. This was the entry that was current. What I found to be an amazing coincidence was that I have spent eight months in SHA over the past five years.

  4. We have a very modest VW museum in Coombs BC Canada. I help with the website and hoped you would share your pictures of this beautiful art bug on our site. Please let me know or visit
    Again, wonderful pictures
    Thank you