Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Automobile Briar Rose

Things always seem to happen when you least expect them.

So it happened this sunny Sunday afternoon, when we just wanted to be sun-seekers on our walk through Schwaebisch Hall after a visit of the Alex Katz exhibition at the Kunsthalle Würth.

In one of the lanes of the old town we found it accidentally: Das automobilistische Dornröschen - the automobile Briar Rose!

It took a short while to find out that it was an old FIAT 124 Spider we discovered in a rundown courtyard under a hugh blackberry bush.

And far and wide there was neither a noble prince nor a competent car mechanic who could rescue our Briar Rose out of her perpetual sleep.

By the look of things there seems to be no rescue for this former automobile beauty any more. 
The only "act of deference" I could do for the Fiat 124 was to take these remembrance photos.

Schwaebisch Hall today...


  1. Do you think he dreams with memories of fast drives on country roads?

    He's been a handsome little sportscar in his day.

    Great panorama of the Hall - I love your scenes that are typical of Germany

    Best wishes


  2. It's worth noting that ~1,000 y.o. Schwäbisch town is probably the perfect town for a show like this old car. The two make quite a pair!
    Oh let me deepnote here, the Hall is the sister city of my birthtown, Balikesir. If there’s one constant it’s that humans crave stories and thanks for this great storytelling, Uwe. Technology creates new expectations, yes I expect to see my deutsche sis-town:)

    Life is full -even in cold, snowy, or bright, hot day like here:) See you back again, regards.