Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Sunday stroll through Würzburg

Würzburg, (German pronunciation: [ˈvʏɐ̯tsbʊɐ̯k]), is a city in the region of Franconia which lies in the northern tip of Bavaria, Germany. And that's - more or less -  right at our doorstep.

And Würzburg with its art treasures is really a gem. Although it was destroyed nearly totally during World War II.

Wikipedia: On 16 March 1945, about 90% of the city full of civilians was destroyed in 17 minutes by 225 British Lancaster bombers during a World War II air raid. All of the city's churches, cathedrals, and other monuments were heavily damaged or destroyed. The city center, which dated from medieval times, was totally destroyed in a firestorm in which 5,000 people perished. Over the next 20 years, the buildings of historical importance were painstakingly and accurately replicated. The citizens who rebuilt the city immediately after the end of the war were mostly women – Trümmerfrauen ("rubble women") – because the men were either dead or taken prisoner of war. In comparison, Würzburg was destroyed more totally than was Dresden in a firebombing the previous month.

View along the old bridge over the river Main (Alte Mainbrücke) with its bridge statuary and the tower of the old town hall (with the clock) as well as the twin steeples from the cathedral.

The world-famous sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider at work direct in front of Wuerzburg Residence, the local palace and World Cultural Heritage.

 Mural paining of Wuerzburg' cathedral St. Kilian in an old school that is an arthouse cinema nowadays.

In the crypt of St. Kilian, where you find some really cool gestalts... ;-)

The three apostels of the Franconians - die Frankenapostel - of the collegiate foundation Neumünster

Some impressions of the arthouse cinema / the old school building, where you find the mural painting with the town's landmarks as well.

The photographer at work.


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