Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Me and my service robot

Some impressions of the exhibition of the 4th international Expert Days on

***  S E R V I C E   R O B T I C S  ***

February 23 & 24, 2011

organized by  S C H U N K

A modular robotics light-weight arm with six degrees of freedom built out of three elements of the wrist module SPB Powerball and two connectors: the movements of two axes are combined in a single module in extremely compact space. On top a light-weight two finger parallel gripper as actuator.

A six-axis light-weight arm as graphic artist.

Robot control for a light-weight arm with integrated light signal collision indicator.

 Light-weight arm with one wrist module SPB and dextrous hand SDH.

The multiple-section 3-finger SDH gripping hand enables the
form-fit and force-fit gripping of a wide range of objects and can be
used both in areas of service robotics and in industrial applications.

Loccioni Mo.Di.Bot.:

with robotic arm from SCHUNK.

The robot will be interconnected with the production system in order to exchange data useful for controlling process and products, and to achieve the full integration of measurement processes with the rest of the production system.
This diagnostic robot is designed to measure and test front-loaded washing machines.

The R&D-Team seen out of the washing machine drum... ;-)


  1. Hi Uwe,
    Very interesting post, I like it very much.
    No doubt, robots are intelligent and to reduce the risk of human error, but thanks that they are not designed to operate in real-world;)

    Best wishes,

  2. We mainly distinguish in two types of robots, Nihal: industrial robots and service robots.
    While the workspace of the robots first mentioned have to be separeted strictly from human workspace, e.g. by a cage, fence or robot cell, the service robots are designed to support humans in the same environment - that what you call the "real world". Think about household robots like robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic mowers or even toy robots.
    The expert days in service robotics is a international platform that wants to bring - among other things - service robotics to the front.