Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

Shanghai nightly stroll

Certainly an alternative program to my usual night walks at home in Bäd Mergentheim - Shanghai by night.
And certainly one of the most famous nightly pamoramas worldwide.

Oriental Pearl tower (468m), Shanghai World Financial Center (492m) & Jin-Mao Tower (420,5m)
Three of the tallest buildings in the world in immidiate vicinity to each other at Pudong, Shanghai's
district east of Huangpu River.

Really amazing to stand between all these skyscrapers - and have a look at them, they really scrape the sky - or at least the clouds...

Did you know Shanghai has more than 600 skyscapers???

Pudong panorama seen from the Seagull Restaurant & Bar

Not the worst place to take your dinner in Shanghai... ;-)

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  1. Anonym23/9/10

    Ja Servus - Uwe ist wieder da - da kann man mal wieder öfters gucken gehen.