Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Heidersbacher Mühle - mill of Heidersbach

The "Heidersbacher Muehle" is a very unique country inn in the forest of the odes (Odenwald) near the village of Heidersbach, Neckar-Odenwald district, in the north of Baden-Württemberg.
It is located in a small and lonley valley with a creek/mill stream named Elz and, as its name implies, used to be a flour mill from 1769 until the 1950s. 

Since 1952 the former residential house has been a country inn and restaurant known for its excellent cuisine and snug atmosphere.

This was my "Forelle im Kräutermantel"  - my trout embedded in herbs. Delicious!
30 minutes before I got it on my plate, the trout still was in one of the ponds next to the restaurant.
This is what we might call a "fresh & fried German sushi"...! ;-))


  1. Anonym12/3/10

    Lovely photographs. Very nice looking meal with the trout. I assume it was delicious.

    Your comment at last about the trout being alive in one of the ponds reminded me that in Korea, you could order a puppy dog meal and it would be in a cage behind the restaurant. It was killed, gutted, skinned, and cooked.

    I don't know if it is still done this way but it was in 1953.

  2. Hi Abraham,

    I did not get a puppy dog meal when I was at Korea 2004, but if you wanted to get a fresh lobster or fish dish, one could make your choice in front of one of the several aquariums by pointing with your finger to your favourite creature...

  3. Lovely inn with snow in rich nature, romantic!
    That fish dish looks delicious, I would like have it with beer.

  4. It is a great picturesque of morning time when all the place has been under the influence of snow-falling and an ambiance has been created by the nature and all are looking very elegant and very foggy.