Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Master of sushi ceremonies

This is the ingenious chef of the delicious nigiri sushi slices I was allowed to savour during my trip to Tokyo last year.

After he came to trust in my humble photography skills he permitted me to take some pictures of his work and place of activity.


The magic precision cutting tools.

Wasabi root on a Oroshigane grater, a wooden board covered with shark skin.


Uni: (雲丹, 海胆) gonad of sea urchin; may come in different color.


Thanks a lot for affording me the opportunity
to come to this very special gourmet restaurant, T.-san!


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. I just glanced through some of your photos and I´m impressed with what I´ve seen so far. And Bäd Mergentheim looks like a really nice city.



  2. Bad Mergentheim is "only" 175 kilometers away from Reutlingen, it's a little town of approx. 22.500 people and it's a spa town.

    But if you havn't been to the mediaeval town of Rothenburg, you must go there. It's a MUST SEE for every foreigner coming to Germany.

    Enjoy your internship at your German company and your sojourn here at the southwest part of Germany!

    Have you heard this slogan? "Wir können alles außer Hochdeutsch!" ??? ;-)

    Regards, Uwe.

  3. Anonym23/2/10

    Uwesan konbanwa,
    wer hätt' ao dees dengt, dass Du ao a Schwoab bisch!
    womit der Spruch: "We can all except high German"..ha,ha, wieder einmal bewiesen wäre.
    Gratulation zu Deinem tollen blog! Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    ja mata
    PS: habe es immer noch nciht geschafft, mich mit deinem blog zu verlinken, daher heute noch als Anonymus