Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

smoke signals from heaven???

Received in the "Academie der schoenen Kuenste" coffee house at Stuttgart.
Of course a "non-smokers" establishment...

Having a break...


  1. Funny!!

    By the way, That coffee shop looks wonderful.
    Coffee shops in Japan are very simple.

  2. European coffee house culture (Kaffeehauskultur) is something superbly. Sitting in a old or fancy café, enjoying the atmosphere of such a special place, spending time on drinking coffee specialities, reading newspapers or magazines, studying other people, talking to friends and dwelling thoughts.

    Yes, you are right, Nobu-san, this is what I didn't find at Tokyo! The only coffee house I've been inside at Tokyo was the American Starbucks coffee house at Shibuya crossing opposite Shibuya station. It is very popular with the Japanese teenagers and - of course - with the tourists from America and Europe, because this is a kind of institution they are familiar with in the alien country of Japan... ;-)