Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

Summer memories - part 1

Recent weekend the winter really found its way into whole Germany with temperatures below the freezing point and the first snowfall even in the lowlands.
The sky was (and still is) covered with an uninspiring grey and it's lousily cold when you move a foot in front of your doorstep.

So why shoud I not create some "good vibrations" by bringing back some summer memories???

If you like, please accompany me on my trip back to this year's summer on the North Sea coast.

In August 2009 we went on an excursion by ferry from the German island Sylt to the Danish neighbour island Rømø.
Blue sky, sunshine, quiet/calm/silence/rest, the sea, sandy beaches - what more could one want??? 

Rømø is known for its incredible wide sandy beach.
The North Sea continuously washes up tons of sand with each flood ahead of the island of Rømø, so that it grows and grows permanently.

Sylt in contrast suffers under the constant loss of sand with each massive storm tide.

Although they are neighbours within sight, the two sandy islands Sylt and Rømø are of a totally different character, especially their beaches.

 The Sylt-Rømø ferry travels apparently over land.
 family beach happiness

The sandy dunes in the background are from the island of Sylt!
 photographer's beach happiness / fortune

 Rømø beach - a paradise for shell seekers.
 For those who are to weak / feeble to walk to the shoreline...
 No mountain blocks the free sight to the horizon!

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  1. Nice memories of the summer.
    It is getting cold here in Japan, but your photos get me warm :)

    Thanks for dropping by my Tokyo blog.
    I have just enjoyed your nice photos in Tokyo.
    Especially, Night scenes are very beautiful.

    My father was born in shibuya.
    On that time shibuya was not down town.
    But, now, it is a town of young generation.
    (Ah,Every things are changing! )

    I was born in Tokyo too.
    But I and my family moved to funabashi city in chiba prefecture when I was 16 years old.
    I have been here in funabashi city since then.
    The city is faced to Tokyo bay.

    Last year, I started "Funabashi Daily Photo" with my cell phone camera.
    And later I started a photo blog of Tokyo.

    By the way, your blog is nice, I shall return soon!