Samstag, 28. November 2009

Westerland sea front on a November evening

 Westerland (Söl'ring North Frisian: Wäästerlön) lies on the North Sea island of Sylt and is Germany's  northernmost town and a former municipality. Since 1 January 2009, it is part of the municipality Sylt. Westerland belongs to the Nordfriesland district in Schleswig-Holstein.
Westerland's economy is very strongly oriented towards the island's tourism industry. In 2002, Westerland was second after Sankt-Peter-Ording in importance to Schleswig-Holstein's tourism industry: 96,120 guests, of those 271 (0.28%) from abroad, booked 819935 overnight stays. The town had 9159 beds available for this purpose.
November is not one of the most popular periods of vacation on the island of Sylt.
Very often the weather of late autumn is dominated by areas of low pressure and a lot of rain.
But sea weather is very changeably and normally the next sunbeam or blue sky is not far away.
But what is most pleasantly: The island villages, the coffee shops and restaurants, the beach, the whole island is not overcrowded with tourists at all.


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