Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

A walk down memory lane...

May I introduce some of my great-grandparents to you?

As far as I know everybody should have four (pairs of) great-grandparents.
Everything else would be a surprise...

This goodlooking couple with the family name Demmer are the parents of my grandmother on my father's side Johanna Weil, née Johanna Demmer.
Unfortunately I do not know their first names, so I have to ask my father before this information will vanish into thin air. As far as I'll get it I'm going to enter it up.

*** Now I know: Johanna & Wilhelm Demmer ****

Nevertheless: It was clearly great-grandfather Demmer I got my characteristical nose from... ;-))

For aught I see the photographs are taken in 1935.
Fortunately I know the village and even the house where the unknown photographer captured the scene. It's at Weilburg-Kubach, in the middle of the German state of Hesse (German: Hessen).

Obviously it was a Sunday when this photo was taken.
Because everybody was dolled up in Sunday best... ;-)

This fifth picture must be much older.
It shows again my great-grandmother with her children when she was still a younger mother. The baby on her lap must be my grandmother Johanna.

This was the original photograph I got several years ago to scan and edit.
It was NOT taken with a digital camera.


  1. Nice pictures. I'm very interested in my family's history. My hobby is my genealogic history, and I know the name of the seventh grandfather of my daughter. Sometimes people dont know anyone before his great-grandfather, forgetting to their families and their history.
    See you!!

  2. Anonym31/5/09

    Tja, gelacht wurde selten, da gab es auch nicht oft Grund dafür.
    Das waren jetzt aber mal ganz andere Bilder als gewohnt ...

  3. Hello Uwe,

    These photographs are lovely...I particularly like the last one...Sometimes when we learn more about our past...we get to know more about ourselves...why we are who we are...even down to the nose :0)...Sylvia

  4. Tag Uwe,
    Lovely old photos here... many thanks for dropping by the Magic Lantern Show this evening. Wow, Carlos in a castle courtyard... sounds like fun !

    About this post, people tend to each have two parents, and each parent then has two parents, so that makes four grand parents... so wouldn't we have eight great grandparents? Or did I mis-understand something ? And what an incredible period of history our grandparents and great-grandparents lived through !
    Tchuss !

  5. You are absolutely right, Owen!

    Everybody should have eight great-grandparents. I calculated in pairs of great-grandparents, why ever.
    Evidently not everybody was able to follow my (unwritten) thread...


  6. Guten Tag, Uwe3,

    I tried to post previously but it did not appear.

    These are fantastic family photographs and you are very lucky to have them. When my grandfather died in 1950, a relative burned several large photograph albums from the 1870s through to the 1920s - very sad and lost forever.

    I also liked your tree photographs, especially the one taken looking up into the branches of the Sequioa tree. I take and publish quite a few tree bark photos on my own blog and the odd one looking up, so I enjoyed seeing your photo.

    Best wishes