Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

"Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden"

Here are some photos of the incredible "concert" of the even more incredible "band"
on Monday evening at the Engelsaal at Tauberbischofsheim.

You may translate their band name to ENDEARMENT WITH FRIENDS.
You got it!?!

Have a look to the first picture --> click to enlarge.
Have you ever seen such a great stage?
I sat directly in front of the drum set - this means in direct range and trajectory (flight path) of the drum sticks!
That's what I call a live gig! I was in acute danger to loose my life at any time ! Or at least in danger to loose my camera...

Ines Fleiwa and Cordula Zwischenfisch in action!

Ines Fleiwa and Cordula Zwischenfisch even more in action!

The drumsticks' stockpile of Cordula Zwischenfisch.

This was comedy at its best. One could not stop laughing for two and a half hours.
Thanxxx a lot ZÄRTLICHKEITEN MIT FREUNDEN for the great evening!

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